Nutrition Hydrate

Water is the lifeline of our entire planet. You should hydrate!



We need it, plants need it, animals need it, we all know how important water is. Everyone has an idea of how much they should drink and what it takes to be ‘hydrated’, but not many people are really sure of what that means. Also, if you are savvy in your exercise lingo, you know there is something called an anabolic window that exists. This is the time period after your workout, about 45 minutes, where intake of nutrients is most useful in helping your body repair and recover from your workout.

A research project described in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that poor hydration after a workout would increase cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which are the primary stress hormones.

Nobody wants more stress; H20 IS THE WAY TO GO!

These stress hormones, when released, cause damage to muscle tissue by breaking it down, and when you stop working out your body goes anabolic, to start repairing your muscle cells.

Therefore, the best way to prevent yourself from losing time in that anabolic window and see the most progress and most gains, is to stay hydrated and get your nutrients in during your open anabolic window! Stay hydrated, work your butt off, and good things will happen.

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