William Hall

Okotoks, Canada

William Hall

Okotoks, Canada

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You Have a Tiny Bench for These Reasons

8 Oct 2021

The bench press is a formidable exercise known to many as the egotistical movement performed by men who just don’t know any better. First off, this is inaccurate and judgemental. Secondly, did you go and ask the guy benching 315 for reps if he was doing it for musculature development or just assume that? The […]

3 Simple Exercises for a Wider Frame

8 Oct 2021

Being broad and boorish is the look a lot of men are striving for. But are you doing the right exercises to achieve the look you want? I have seen men go from looking like a pear to looking like an upside-down Dorito. This is a complete redefining of how they look, as well as […]

Training For a Sedentary Lifestyle

7 Oct 2021

Training for your lifestyle is something most people ignore. This isn’t to say everyone is overtraining, but I guarantee most people aren’t training properly for their lifestyle. Physical health involves a myriad of strategies all combined to create your own physical lifestyle. So, what does training for your lifestyle truly look like? Most regular gym-goers […]

3 Reasons Your Calves Aren’t Getting Bigger

6 Oct 2021

The Calves are possibly one of the easiest muscles to train. It is not time consuming, and it doesn’t cause a ton of fatigue. So why don’t we see guys walking around left right and center with gigantic calves? What we do see in an everyday gym atmosphere is teenage boys and young men blaming […]

Why You Need to Lift Heavy Today

5 Oct 2021

One of the most underrated aspects of fitness is the positive health implications of heavy lifting. Of course, movement of any kind or capacity is always encouraged. But lifting heavy has its own specific set of benefits. Individuals who adhere to a strength-based program can expect to see a multitude of physiological benefits. We will […]

15 Rules for a Perfect Gym Etiquette

5 Oct 2021

Proper gym etiquette is harder to come by than one might think. Everyone has their own idea of what is appropriate and what isn’t, and they follow that. Usually, gyms have their own ideal gym etiquette written out as part of one of the forms you agreed to when you signed up. These lists are […]

To Lose or to Gain (Weight)

30 Sep 2021

Whether you are trying to lose weight, or gain weight, one indisputable concept stands true: Calories are the prime factor in weight loss and weight gain. There are a lot of gimmicky trainers, fit pros and even PhD’s who will claim there is some secret ingredient you are missing either diet wise or hormonally that […]

Grow Your Legs Muscles With This Hack

29 Sep 2021

It is common knowledge a great majority of men suffer from a disease called ‘bad leg genetics’. Don’t get me wrong, genetics do play a role in muscle growth! And some people, men and women alike, can blame at least a fraction of their disappointment on this. However, this tends to be more of an […]

The Muscle Mass Gainers Mindset

28 Sep 2021

It is a well-known fact that a great number of men who enter the gym are looking for an increase in muscle mass and overall size. This seems counterintuitive to much of the misinformation regarding fitness facilities and weight loss. Obviously, a great number of people who regularly attend a gym want to lose weight, […]