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How to Create Healthy Habits

How to Create Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits is the key to long term results. Why do so many people struggle with gaining traction?

  1. Most haven’t set a clear concise goal. For example, just saying a blanket statement like, “I want to lose weight” isn’t enough. Why do you want to lose weight?
  2. Sacrifice, what are you willing to sacrifice?
  3. Focus on short term goals that lead you to long term success. Short term wins lead to traction long term.

Those that have long term success are consistent with behaviors like these:

  1. Sleep times and duration
  2. Eating times and serving sizes
  3. Workout times and duration
  4. Water intake amount
  5. Finding a workout program and a partner.

The most successful people have a plan and stick to it. Failing to have a plan and executing it is essential, “planning to fail.”

Fitness does take effort. That is why most people fail, they deem it too hard and difficult. I am going to provide a metaphor that illustrates it isn’t impossible. Think of a small snowball that is pushed up a hill. Start with a small goal, like a small snowball it will gain in size (snow volume) and take initially more effort. As the hill gets steeper in incline grade it is challenging. No different than a program you see short term benefits. Then you need to adjust and make changes. Yet once you reach the pinnacle it gains in momentum and snow on the way down. Like habits, they are challenging at first then once you see results you have the internal motivation to sustain. Nothing is impossible if you align yourself with the right plan and person.

There is beauty in the struggle. Fitness mirrors life sometimes there are challenges and struggles. It all boils down to mindset and consistency. The small details lead to big results. Eating a balanced diet, avoid sedentary behaviors. Lift weights. I’ll say that again, lift weights and retain your lean body mass especially as you age. Most importantly have fun and challenge yourself daily, weekly, and monthly. Align with like-minded people and communities. They tend to keep you connected to your goals and motivate you.

Don Cardona

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