Nutrition How To Count Calories – A Beginners Guide

how to count calories

We all know that in order to build a good body you need to take control of your calorie consumption and learn how to count calories and to properly account your nutrition intake.

Yes! The quality of the food that you eat is important but even more important is the quantity.

I see too many people make the mistake of not keeping track of calories, which will lead to not seeing desired results and eventually loss of motivation.

If there is one thing you need to put absolutely 100% into when starting your fitness it is this.

So what is the best way to keep track of your calories?

1. Know How Much You Need

Firstly, determine your energy expenditure using this free tool Calorie Calculator. This will allow you to know the approximate amount of calories you will use in a day. Some days you will spend more than others to take an average of 7 days.

2. Keep Track

In the beginning, its hard to remember how many much calories are in every piece of food, it is therefore important to write down everything thing you eat. If you don’t like writing down you can use apps such as Myfitnesspal (available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to track your calories.

2. Get a Kitchen Scale!

If you are having cereal for breakfast how will you know how much 100 grams is? You won’t! So get a scale, they are cheap and extremely useful.

4. Be aware when eating out

Whenever you are not at home and have access to a scale or you are out traveling it is important to try and be aware of how many calories the food you eat has. It can be hard to determine the exact amount but you can estimate approximately and always overestimate so you know you are staying under your calorie needs.

5. Don’t substitute¬†

What I mean is don’t go run 10 km’s on the treadmill and think that you can now eat 1000 calories extra. This kind of thinking is not good and it is better that you always stick to the number of calories you determined in the beginning and if you have days where you end up doing a lot of extra activity then still try to stick to your calories and only go over by a maximum of 10% of your total amount.

6. Keep track of your Weight

Weigh yourself once a week to see how you are progressing. Jump on the scale the first thing in the morning to get your true weight.

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