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set boundaries

Here’s how you figure out which areas need boundaries to be set

Is it a discipline issue or a lack of diligent boundaries?

Here’s how to know:

Do you go into each week with intentions and goals to achieve like: working out ____ number of times, making mindful eating choices by preparing food ahead of time, or taking time to care for yourself, and yet every week it seems something gets in the way of you following through?

If the answer is yes – this post is for you.

You see, the most disciplined people are disciplined because they recognize if they don’t actively protect the time needed to execute their plans, the plans won’t happen.

For example:

If we don’t book that time to workout and make sure that nothing will change those plans, we will never be disciplined in a workout schedule.

If we don’t buy the healthy foods that will allow us to make those mindful eating choices, takeout will always be more convenient.

We don’t start turning off electronics, dimming lights, and destressing by 8:00 PM so we can be in bed by 9:30 or 10:00? Then we won’t be ready for that incredible, adequate sleep we crave.

If we don’t turn off our phone notifications and get rid of distractions ahead of time, that intentional time to yourself to rest will always feel like a burden and like there are too many other things we could/should be doing.

You see…

The key to consistency is in the prep work. In order for that prep work to take place, we must set boundaries around our priorities.

So how do you change it?

How do you know what areas need boundaries to be set

The first step is identifying those areas where you struggle the most. Is it a workout routine? Or maybe your sleep routine could use some help. Is it nutrition? What meals or concepts around food do you struggle with the most?

Here are some sample questions you can ask to help narrow down what habits may need some new boundaries:

1. Do you often find yourself putting your health on the back burner because you are trying to do it alone? Maybe it’s time to find an accountability partner or hire a coach.

2. Do you often let too many life events or interruptions sabotage your intentions to workout, meal prep, or go to bed earlier? Maybe you need to book your workouts, meal prep time, bedtimes, etc. in your calendar and set reminders.

3. Are you overwhelmed by how much you feel like you have to do to reach your goals? A coach and some routine appointments can help get you on a plan that simplifies the whole process. I’d recommend starting there.

4. Is it that your kids activities leave you with little time for yourself? Maybe it’s time to hire a babysitter or find a gym with a childcare program.

5. Is the whole process mentally and emotionally overwhelming? Would meeting with a counselor help?

Now that you’ve started narrowing down some possible areas where boundaries could benefit you, what simple actions can you take today to set boundaries around one or more of these areas?

Choose one to start and watch as you become the consistency pro!

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