Exercise Help! How Do I Get Abs!

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The most asked question a trainer hears is: how do I get abs?

As a trainer, and I’m sure many of you can relate, the most asked question is:

How do I get abs?

The answer is simple: you don’t! Everyone has “abs”. However, due to the amount of body fat and visceral fat an individual has, those abdominal muscles will not show. Now the question is:

How do you lose stomach fat?


I know this sounds like a “well duh!” moment, but this is the way! (Any Mandalorian fans?) Your body will lose stomach fat last. You’ll begin to notice your face, neck, arms, and legs start to slim down but wonder why your stomach doesn’t. Follow the tips below and you’ll never question your workout regime again!

Males: Your abs will begin to peek through beginning at 15% body fat.

Females: Your stomach will begin to flatten and tone down at 20% body fat.


Did you know your body has stored energy that it utilizes to get through workouts?

If you’re a cardio bunny and tend to do 15-30 minutes even up to an hour of cardio the minute you walk into a gym, stop. You are not burning fat! When you weightlift first, and no, we’re not talking about being the next Terminator-themed bodybuilder, your body will use up all of the stored energy first!

Next up, cardio. 15 to 30 minutes is all you need!

“Wait, Abby, you said your body will use up that energy first so how do I even get through to finishing the cardio?” Good question! Fat! Your body uses fat as energy!! Try this workout plan the next time you’re at the gym *wink*.


The common misconception is core and abs are the same thing. Wrong. Core consists of your abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles! Your core is the center of your body, if it is weak, your other lifts may not be as strong as they could be! Working out core 3x a week, or every other day, is all you need! We can alter the way our six pack will end up looking. Sometimes it’s just genetic. Working out the entire core will strengthen and form the way your abdominal muscles will look. Again, keep in mind sometimes is just genetic!


Weightlift, cardio, core 3x a week is highly recommended for optimal results!

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