Wellness Habits that influence the way you feel

How do you feel? Assess your current situation.

Habits that influence the way you feel

I don’t just mean this very instant right now while you are reading this. How have you felt over the last few days, weeks, months? Have you been eating healthy lately and exercising regularly? If so, I’m sure you feel great. If your eating hasn’t been so great and you’ve been very hit or miss with your workouts, then I’m sure you haven’t felt so great lately.

Healthy foods and exercising regularly play a major role in how you feel

You see, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly (strength training and cardio) play a major role in how you feel both mentally and physically. Wouldn’t you agree? Think back to when you weren’t eating well or exercising regularly.  You probably felt pretty blah, right? Now, how about your mood and how you’ve felt when you were on a roll with eating and exercising? Just the opposite, right? You were unstoppable, full of energy, optimistic.

Eating healthy and exercising are important for weight loss

I talk a lot about how eating healthy and exercising are so important for weight loss. I do talk about the health benefits as well, but I don’t harp on the health benefits too much because I think it is common sense that you are healthier when you are eating well and exercising.

What about what exercising and eating well does to your mood and how you feel? As I mentioned, it does wonders. I speak from experience. And not only do you feel awesome, alive, energetic, but that feeling snowballs into other areas of your life too. It’s really a wonderful thing.

If you haven’t started on your eating well and exercise journey, start now.

You will “feel” so much better once you do. Trust me. If you have started, keep it up! It just keeps getting better and better.

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