Lifestyle Why Your Goals Are Getting In Your Way

Hi guys! Lauren Watts here checking in with just a quick blurb on a topic I’ve been discussing a lot both in and out of the gym: GOALS!

Why Your Goals Are Getting In Your Way

I’ve heard everything you can hear in terms of client goals

Goals about exercise, nutrition, sleep and more. Goals are great, don’t get me wrong. The train of thought that I’m having goes along the lines of whether or not your goals align with the lifestyle you are or want to be leading. It’s all very well and true to want something or think it’ll be nice to have, but what’s the point if you know that your lifestyle or lack of willingness to change your lifestyle habits wouldn’t permit you getting it? How demotivating is that! It’s like you’re chopping your legs off before you’ve even started the race!

For those starting out at training, make sure that you set yourself some easy goals to begin with. I’m talking goals that are impossible to fail at. Things like, “I will drink one big glass of water every morning this week”,¬†or, “I will go for three walks this week”. Things that no matter how busy you are you know that you’ll accomplish it. This is important because it starts building goal setting habits and woohoo! you aren’t setting yourself up for a life altering emotional breakdown that only copious amounts of chocolate will fix if you don’t succeed at first. As you start to get these small goals ticked off, this is when you start to create the harder ones. Ones that start to push you a bit further. Ones where you have to start trying a bit more. Ones that you might have to start changing your lifestyle for. It’s these harder goals that start becoming the make or break to your success… but behold! The groundwork has been done and goal setting behaviors are set.

You’ve succeeded in 100% of those goals, don’t start failing yourself now!!

Thinking of smaller goals as little stepping stones to your primary big goal stops it seeming like such a massive task. It makes the experience enjoyable and pleasant. Let’s face it, once we’ve got to where we are going the first thing we want to do is look back at where we’ve come from. Make that memory happy and healthy instead of full of disappointments and let downs. What I’m getting at here is you need to be honest with yourself about what you know you can achieve. You need to be honest about what you know you will sacrifice or change. You need to be honest because if you aren’t and you expect changes then you’re straight up lying to yourself. If you aren’t willing to change something you will change nothing. Be prepared for that or be prepared to change your goal.

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