Lifestyle Goal Setting: the Key to Getting Results

The key to goal setting not only in fitness but also in all aspects of life is to use the S.M.A.R.T method.

Goal Setting: the Key to Getting Results

All too often I see gym goers and clients continue to get disappointed with their results for 3 main reasons:

  1. The goals set are not realistic
  2. The goal is not tracked
  3. The goal is specific to you.

The key to goal setting is to use the S.M.A.R.T method

Whilst I didn’t come up with this acronym it is a very common and successful method to set your goals. SMART stands for:

S – Specific

A goal of I want to lose weight is not specific enough. Put a number on it, for example, I want to lose 10 kgs so that I can wear my size 10 jeans again.

M- Meaureable

You have to be able to measure your goal, again lets take weight loss, if you want to lose 10kgs how are you going to measure this like scales, on day one get on these scales and write it down. Set a diary note in your calendar for 4 weeks later and write it again. Your goal is now measured easy right.

A- Achievable

This is where short, medium and long term goals become important. Your weight loss goal might be 30kgs, but this is a long term goal. Break your long term goals with achievable goals along the way. So this might be 5 kgs in 6 weeks. As soon as you see you are achiving goals your long term goal will not be so daunting.

R- Realistic

Simply if your goal is not realistic you will not achieve your goal. An example of this would be I want to lose 50kgs in 12 weeks. 2 things here, this would mean that you would have an average weight loss of just over 4kgs per week and the goal would not be achievable. Keeping your goal realistic you will be able to mentally continue to achieve your goals.

T – Time Based

You MUST put a time on your goal. A goal of I want to lose 10kgs is pointless, likewise lose 10kgs in 12 weeks again is pointless. Why, well it goes back to not being specific enough. A goal like I want to lose 10kgs by 21 December 2017 puts a specific time on this.

With this said, a goal that is not specific to you alone will never be achieved as it is not personal enough and has no meaning or your own personal “WHY”.

If you don’t know what I mean about your “WHY” well this is easy, have a look at your goal, what makes you emotional about it. It might be that you want to achieve something for your family, buy a new car that you have dreamed of, go on a holiday with the love of your life, buy a house what tugs at your heart strings. If it is a goal that you have set with your friends of your want to lose 5kgs unless this is important to your why and you can get emotional about it then this will never be achieved.

In summary to be successful at achieving your goals you need to be effective at setting them. Brainstorm goal ideas and the moment one puts a lump in your throat dive deeper into this as to why it does.

A Personal SMART goal will be the one that is achieved not only in your fitness but in all aspects of your life.

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