Wellness Fuel Your Mind with These 3 Steps

We have all heard the saying “fuel your body properly” and I agree with this statement. I would like to take it ONE STEP higher and include “fuel your MIND”! Because I believe when men and women hear this statement they think protein, carbs and healthy fats. They think muscle recovery and fueling the body as a machine. But how about your mind?

I specialize in women’s health and wellness and I have witnessed my fair share of eating on the go, or meals while running around the house or the office. When I witness that, I ask them this simple question.

“What is this showing your body and mind?” 

And each reply is justified with “at least I’m eating” Yes, good on you for eating. And that is all it is, it is a unintentional eating which could lead to over eating, which could lead to guilt and shame. It also tells your body, you are too busy for it. OUCH! Did you feel that? YOU ARE TOO BUSY to sit down and eat your meal… ouch. This is why I inspire women to be intentional with each choice they make, including STOPPING to eat.

This leads into How to Fuel Your Mind with these 3 Steps

#1. Be intentional with each bite

This gives your body the property nutrients in the meal for each bite. You are invested into your meal. It also gives your mind a break and allows it to savoir each bite. With being intentional, you are becoming more grounded and aware of your eating patterns and if you are feeling full or bloated. It also encourage your mind to send your stomach little notes because you are finally listening to it! By stopping to eat you are also less likely to get indigestion!

#2. Journal

Creating a journal routine gives your mind the opportunity to express how and what it felt during the day. Emotions that you may of plowed over in the “busyness” of your day, is now given an opportunity to say “Congratulations” or “Don’t ever do that again” I like to journal at night and give myself 15 mins of quiet time to reflect on my accomplishments and the impact I did in a day. I have seen many Moms say. I didn’t do anything today, I feel unsuccessful, then I ask them what they did today? And wow these Mom’s have made 3 meals for 3 other people, they have played different roles of chauffeur, coach, volunteer, chef, dog walker, and more… and did she just say she didn’t accomplish anything today? I incorporate journal practices with each of my clients because selling yourself short doesn’t benefit anyone! Give yourself the gratitude and celebration it deserves. Each day you have made an impact, don’t disregard it!

#3. Be Intentional with your energy

Just like the first point of being intentional with each bite, here I desire you to look upon where you invest your energy. Where is it going the majority of the time? Is it going to tasks that excite you or fill your cup? Are you surrounding yourself with men and women that uplift your energy or drag you down? Being intentional with your energy gives you the strength to say NO to someone or something and SAYS YES to YOU! Remove all the guilt associated with saying No because you are finally saying yes to the number one person – YOU! And with that you are fueling your mind with positive energy.

By incorporating these 3 simple steps for your mind, you are creating a stronger, intentional, premeditated spirit and a more defined human!

Have a wonderful day!


Fuel Your Mind with These 3 Steps


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