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Брага, Португалия

Nikita Duriagin

Брага, Португалия

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What Equipment Do You Need for Home Workouts

25 Nov 2023

Strength training exercises come with a host of benefits. They enhance the body’s resistance to diseases, improve overall well-being, and offer many other advantages for individuals. Of course, going to the gym is fantastic, but not everyone can afford this pleasure. Various reasons may be at play, such as the absence of a nearby gym, […]

Extreme Diet and Its Consequences – The Egg-Citrus Diet

8 Sep 2023

As is well known, there are numerous diet variations available on the Internet. Many of them are balanced, adhering to protein, fat, and carbohydrate norms, with a slight calorie deficit necessary for weight loss. However, my attention was drawn to one extreme diet, known as the ‘egg-citrus diet.’ It involves consuming only boiled eggs and […]

Stress. Myth or Truth? Types and Mechanisms of Stress

10 Aug 2023

In general, stress is a normal response of the body to negative events in everyday life. There usually are two types of stress in a person’s life: Acute stress This type occurs within a span of a few minutes to a few hours after an event. It lasts for a short period of time, usually […]

Why Do Older People Need to Engage in Physical Activity?

15 May 2023

I think that each of us knows that physical activity is extremely important for a person. However, many people believe that physical exercises can harm or worsen existing health problems in old age. This belief is completely incorrect. People of all ages should be physically active. Of course, not all exercises are equally suitable for […]

Metabolism Killers and How to Speed Up Metabolism

7 Apr 2023

Why do some people easily lose weight while others struggle with it? There are many reasons, but often people are able to maintain their slimness not with grueling workouts, but with a fast metabolism. In simple terms, a fast metabolism has the ability to burn more calories and store less energy as fat. This is […]

Workouts with Knee Pain. Substitution of Popular Exercises.

7 Apr 2023

Many people have problems with their knees for various reasons. Engaging in sports with knee pain or discomfort should be done with special caution, as knees undergo daily stress (such as walking, running, and jumping) and knee pain can affect the quality of life. So let’s take a look at the main causes of knee […]