Nutrition The Five Foods and Drinks Hiding Your Abs

Over the years I’ve learned to listen to my body and know when foods don’t agree with me, so listen to your abs, too! I have tried different eating disciplines, including the timing of carbs, fats, proteins and nearly anything else most women struggle with when choosing an eating plan. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional ice cream, bread, chips and queso, cake, cocktails and more.

And by occasional… I mean almost weekly.

The Five Foods and Drinks Hiding Your Abs

There are so many bad options thanks to so much processed junk food. However, the “foods” I have listed below will sit in my stomach for days. I can feel a significant difference when my digestive process is working so hard to remove it from my body. Try to eliminate these foods and ingredients and see how you feel. Your abs and body will thank you!

Keep in mind that all people are not the same and our bodies react in different ways. No matter what article you are reading, learn to listen to your body. Like many of my blog posts, this is just my opinion, based on a few scientific facts I have inserted at the bottom.

The Five Foods and Drinks Hiding Your Abs

1. Soda

I know this one seems obvious, but why are so many people still drinking it? I use cola to clean my weightlifting bars, not to enjoy with my dinner. I don’t even have a splash of soda in my cocktails. There is typically no ingredient that is natural in a can of soda. And just because it’s clear, doesn’t mean it’s better for you. Your body has to work incredibly hard to digest all the fake ingredients. The first and main ingredient is sugar followed by chemicals made in a science lab. Skip the rum and cola and opt for rum and soda water with a lime to protect your abs.

2. Donuts

I may lose some of my readers with this one. Donuts have turned into a worldwide favorite. There are hundreds of pastries that could fall into the unhealthy category, but I believe donuts are the worst for your abs. These pastries are a combination of enriched flour (processed flour), sugar, more sugar, then fried and loaded with trans fats. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but like soda, there is not one natural main ingredient (outside of sugar) in a donut. Not only that, but you will have a sugar high followed by a crash later in the day that will be brutal.

3. Aspartame

This one I finally cut out recently. Aspartame isn’t really a food, but an ingredient. It’s an artificial sweetener that is found in diet sodas, diet drinks, and artificial sweeteners. I used to drink diet sodas, and about an hour later I would be craving sugar and sweets. I would also experience intense headaches. I finally sat down and did a little research. What I found was with such a sweet and processed sweetener, my body was craving it again moments later. Aspartame also has a direct relationship with headaches and a number of side effects. Skip the diet sodas and swap aspartame with drinks sweetened with a natural sweetener. I like Stevia.

4. High-Fructose Corn Syrup

This one could arguably be the most important one to remove from our diet. High-fructose corn syrup interested me so much, I wrote an entire research paper on it in college. In a nutshell, high-fructose corn syrup is a sugar substitute processed from corn. It is much cheaper and sweeter than sugar. That’s why people love it so much. Turn the label around on any of your favorite food products… ketchup, maple syrup, jam, breads, and many sauces, and you will find high-fructose corn syrup. I know some research says it’s considered healthy now, but apparently my stomach doesn’t know that because I always feel bloated after consuming this stuff. Every time. Never fails. If you’re going to splurge with a sugary treat, at least eat the real stuff.

5. Margarine

Hello trans fats! This one is a little more difficult to find in your favorite foods. It could be in your pastries or in the frosting of the icing on your cookie, but you would have no idea. Stop cooking with this stuff! For the sake of not repeating myself, there is nothing natural about margarine. Avoid it at all costs. I choose to eat real butter, but in moderation. There’s still 100 calories per tablespoon, but at least it’s real.

So remember, treating yourself once in awhile with some guilty pleasure food is okay. But with so many choices out there, try to at least eat foods with real ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Focus on how your body feels after certain snacks or drinks. Read your food labels and remember the ingredients are listed in descending order. That means the first ingredient listed is what the food has the most of in it. Don’t understand the ingredients? Then look for something better. Enjoy your treats, but keep it smart.

Keeping nutrition simple ✔️

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