Nutrition The 3 Best Ways to Eliminate Stress, Binge & Emotional Eating for Good

Emotional Eating

The 3 Best Ways to Eliminate Stress, Binge & Emotional Eating for Good

Ok so why the carrot & water?

Well, interestingly enough there’s nothing as thirst-quenching as water & as filling as a juicy crunchy carrot. You should try it sometime. You’ll definitely like it. Now on to the realness…

Why do most of us really eat? 

I mean one might say well I eat for health or for fuel but the truth is far & few in between actually truly do so. Look I’m going to admit something to you right here & now. I’ve done a lot of Binge Eating… I’ve done a lot of Stress Eating… I’ve also done a lot of Emotional Eating… I’ve done a lot of Anxious Eating… I’ve done a lot of Over Eating…

Honestly, I’ve done probably every type of negative eating you can think of… including severe restriction & bland repetitiveness.

So how does one end all of this nonsense?

Well, first things first you have to stop listening to everyone else & all the nonsense going on around you… Keto is the Best… Paleo is the Best… Intermittent Fasting is the Best… Yada… Yada… Yada…


Now Take A Deep Breathe…& Release it… Ahhhh… & take one more if you like…

Now here are The 3 Best Ways to Eliminate Stress, Binge & Emotional Eating for Good:

1. First, you have to shut off all the external noise & listen to yourself for once & for all

While its great to learn from others you should understand that not everyone always has your best interest in mind. Some things you have to learn for yourself.

After all your health & quality of life in on the line here.

Now for a moment forget about what everyone else is saying & assess your own dietary habits.

You can easily capture an image of your foods every time you eat & organize it within your photos. After a few days go take a look at it & assess it. Observe the foods & the portions you ate… Then observe the times you ate…

Now… What do you see?

Anything Super Obvious? Any Patterns? Feel free to write notes for yourself of what you observe & don’t judge yourself regardless. Always leave the past in the past & now let your new-found nutritional awareness inspire & empower you to make better choices moving forward. The key here is to truly make those better choices consistently.

2. Create a plan for yourself & stick to it regardless of what your emotions are telling you

Schedule your daily meals & the times you will eat them. Having no plan is like wandering around aimlessly all day and just doing one thing here & another thing here and then another thing there… It’s likely that nothing good will ever come from aimlessness.

So don’t overwhelm yourself when creating your plan & remember that it takes time to retrain old habits so if the odd slip up occurs don’t punish yourself for it.

Let it go and move on with the full intent to resume your plan as scheduled.

Now, remember that you are more than your emotions & let’s say you have uncontrollable emotions arise throughout the day that drives you to want to eat outside your scheduled time zone go outside instead & get some fresh air.

Spend as much time outside as you need and focus on breathing and observe all the magic that will transpire around and within you. Then go back to resume your day.

3. Prepare your meals ahead of time

Ok look no one always likes to prepare ahead of time but this is truly the most overlooked aspect when it comes to succeeding at anything in life. This doesn’t mean you need to plan everything years in advance as life does happen & can throw some curveballs at us from time to time. Sometimes a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean you should give up as this is your opportunity to rise to the occasion.

So simply prepare 6 meals at a time & cook 2 to 3 x per week for an hour or whatever it takes you. 

Ensure you have the groceries in your home as that is part of being prepared. Without groceries, you can’t cook your meals. And finally, remember that having a plan does not mean it has to be boring and bland. Use your creativity & freedom to evolve it over time.

Now there you have The 3 Best Ways To Eliminate Stress, Binge & Emotional Eating for Good.

But remember without implementing this nothing in your life will change and you will only continue to spin in circles & stay stuck on that same dreaded wheel that you want to get off from ASAP.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post today and I hope you got some value from it.

I know how shitty it feels to binge eat, to stress eat, and to just you know feel like your not in control at all & I want you to know that you can & deserve to overcome the Addictions to Food for good & I would love to help you do so.

You Deserve It!

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