Exercise Avoid the Resolution Cycle with home workouts

I’m persevering with my home workouts and must admit that I’m impressed with the progress. Having worked in a gym, home workouts were never really an option. However, with all the turmoil lately I’m beginning to follow my home workout routines on the app and I’m impressed.

Fit to Fail: Avoid the Resolution Cycle with home workouts

My main worry was my strength dropping as I used weights frequently but this has been allayed by the intensity of the training plan.

Yesterday, I had a business gateway course on marketing (which had been in the diary for months) that I attended. I love these courses as I always come away feeling more positive and with ideas.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done that course before but it’s given me more focus with my business.

The biggest thing I took away was the fact that people buy based on multiple factors, primary emotions – I already know this but reinforcing the basics makes all the difference! Nobody needs a 50″ television yet they are top sellers, nobody needs a top range car and they are a luxury that sell. We buy based on our frame of mind and despite best efforts, selling fitness isn’t always attractive, all that unpleasantness and sweating yet the end result is worth it. I know my app works and have a money back guarantee but it’s the frustration of communicating that message and these workshops give me clarity. Afterall, simplicity is the key to progress in many areas of life.

It’s always great to share experiences too and although it was a small group, there was a lot of experience in the room. It does beat learning from a book for sure!

The ideas that come from my day are useless unless implemented and I’ve got a list of things that I need to action immediately.

Writing things down doesn’t always ensure that I complete the task – I always have another list with action points.

My personal experience from not having a gym membership has been positive: having the knowledge to workout from home.

It’s not something that people are always comfortable with. From talking to people, their home workout experiences are generally negative. Normally it revolves around following a DVD then giving up or having an injury from poor technique. The good thing about the RYPT app is that it is more interactive and keeps you ACCOUNTABLE. A DVD doesn’t log when you workout or give you a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise plus with it being a one-off payment, it’s easy to neglect the true value with good intentions. However, with the app, you have regular contact from me ensuring that you don’t deviate from the plan.

This time of year is when the fitness industry EXPLODES into life.

I’ve already seen promotional products for gimmicks already: you know it’s a gimmick when it involves abs and guys who are shredded doing crunches. Just a word of warning: doing crunches won’t increase the size of your arms and “spot reduction” is one of the highest myths going but more on that later.

It’s frustrating that it’s such a cliche – start fitness in January, give up by March.

I have intentionally built my business against those ethics: sustainability, moderation and enjoyment. You won’t find those advertised in any gimmicks. That’s why I’m rebranding part of my business as “the beginner’s fitness expert.”

Fitness isn’t all about the gym (let’s be honest). It’s primarily the other 23 hours in the day: what you eat, drink and how you think.

Yes, physical fitness is important, but it’s the first of many steps for beginners fitness.

Gym vs. home workouts

People who don’t know what to do are most daunted by gyms, whereas ask them to make small changes and walk more, that’s a lot easier. Gyms are probably the most daunting places for physically unfit people: the feeling of being judged, lost and unsure is a conscious concoction.

That’s why I encourage basic workouts to begin with and that can even be at home. I have some clients getting amazing results from working out without a gym. Alternatively I have a periodization planner for beginners gym workouts too – something as simple as a routine. Fully demonstrated with machines to build up confidence and you don’t even need me there. I have 5 clients now who have progressed using this system and one messaged me the other day saying how delighted she was at the progress in the gym (having been uneasy training there before).

Having worked in five different gyms at New Year, it’s definitely a case of I’ll see how I get on. As much as the trainers try to speak to people, going alone rarely works.

This is for two reasons:

The “I know best approach” is not the quickest. Let’s face it, a fitness professional will guide you there much faster having been down that road numerous times before.

Secondly, it invariably ends up with doing the same thing over and over again, performing exercises incorrectly or both.

Being a beginner is the IDEAL time to seek help. If you get the foundations correct then you will progress infinitesimally faster than slogging away with poor form.

Some of the best clients I have had were around the start of the year. They quickly progressed and didn’t a coach for long at all. After all, a good fitness coach should be looking at progressing as fast as possible through their training system – not keeping you on any longer than necessary!

All I can suggest is to try the RYPT 24/7 Fit app for free (no credit card details required) as I’m that confident that you’ll love it!

Remember it’s tailored for you and you’re never too much of a beginner to get started.

So beat the New Year rush…and actually get to where you want to be through sustainability, moderation and enjoyment!!

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