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finding your purpose

I’m too tired. I’m too sore. I’ll start tomorrow. I don’t feel like it.

These are some of the many excuses and reasons I’ve heard for not working out (I’m guilty of using some of these myself). I tell my clients and those who start their health and wellness journey, to find their reason why… their purpose, if you will.

Wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, be at a certain body fat%, look good in a wedding dress, etc.–are all reasons. Those alone will not be enough to sustain a healthy active lifestyle. The purpose needs to be strong, it needs to be found deep within. Questions need to be asked.

For example, when someone says they want to lose weight to look good. What does looking good mean to you? It may mean more self confidence. What does having more self confidence do you for you? What opportunities would it provide? These are just examples of questions I ask in response to someone wanting to lose weight to look good.

At times, a person’s purpose could be staring them in the face on a daily basis. For example, it’s easy to use children as an excuse. I have a 2 month old, so I’m just now experiencing how having a baby can turn your life upside down. I tell those with children, that their children can be their purpose. That’s a strong purpose.

When your purpose is strong enough, it will get you out of bed at six in the morning to get a workout in before work. Having a strong purpose will get you to choose a healthier snack option instead of those bag of chips. It will out-weigh all those excuses a person can come up with.

To find this strong purpose you must dig deep. Ask those questions to find your purpose. Think of your purpose. Write it down and place it somewhere you can see it everyday. If you feel like giving up or quitting, remember your purpose. Look at it, read it out loud to yourself. No path to success is linear. There will be roadblocks and stumbles along the way. Remember your purpose. That will help pick you back up and get you moving again.

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