Exercise Essential Home Exercise Equipment

home exercise equipment

Here are my top 3 picks for essential home exercise equipment

1. Foam Roll/Massage Ball

In almost every individual exercise routine whether you are training for general health and wellness or for the professional sport we all need to keep on top of our mobility and quality of movement.

Unless you are a hyper-mobile individual then self-administered release techniques using a foam roll, massage ball, vibration tool etc. is going to be the first thing you do in your workout. We use these tools to address adhesions known as trigger points within the muscle bell which are restricting motion.

2. Fit Loops

These bands come in various strengths. They are very useful when it comes to correcting posture, particularly in the lower body. These bands are very effective when it comes to improving glute strength and some of the muscles which helps to maintain the arch of the foot. Make them part of your home exercise equipment. Or, you can easily put them in your bag to take them to the gym. Or even when travelling, without having to lug around heavier equipment.

3. Resistance (Monster) Bands

I am a huge fan of just how versatile these bands are!

You can utilise them to create resistance for almost every motion (push, pull, squat, overhead press etc) when it comes to strength training. These are a wonderful cheaper alternative to free weights. In some ways, they offer alternative benefits which cannot be imposed by dumbbells and dumbbells. This is especially true during stability training as these bands can create rotary forces on the body due to their elasticity. This significantly challenges the core muscles.

You can use these monster bands also in the mobility portion of our programme, for self-administered joint mobilisations to address joint stiffness. Like the fit loops, these are very light and portable. This means you can still get a great workout even when travelling away from home, staying in a hotel room or on holiday/vacation abroad.

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