ExerciseNutrition Your Health and Fitness Journey Do Not Have to Be All or Nothing!

all or nothing in fitness

Your health & fitness journey does not have to be all or nothing

It doesn’t have to be a case of ‘I’m either 100% on it or I’m 100% not, in which case what’s the point?

Success is not tied to be 100% every time, probably not even 90%. You simply cannot be 100% every day. The process we follow is there to help us get as close to 100% as consistently as possible. Sometimes life gets in our way and we simply cannot be 100% committed to following our process. Sometimes we have off days or weeks, that does not mean you are now at 0%.

We may not make it to the gym one day but we can still stay within our calorie target or we can still do our 10000 daily step goal. We can get 70 or 80% of the daily process completed.

To use a football analogy, let’s say your team won the first 4 games of the season and went top of the league. But then didn’t have the best performance in the 5th game and lost. Now your team is 2nd in the league and the players and manager decide they are going to forfeit the season and give up! What would you say to them?

The same thing I would say to someone who had 4 great weeks and lost a pound for each of those weeks but then the 5th week they gained a pound because they had a hard time. You are still in a great position! You have still lost 3 lbs! Over the past 5 weeks, you have been 80% successful on the programme. Any football team with an 80% win rate almost certainly wins the league!

Almost everything in life is probabilistic and not binary. When things don’t go the way you want you still have a choice as to whether or not you boost your probability of reaching your goal by doing what you can. Like the football team, imagine if you had an 80% success rate on a programme over 6 months, success meaning you lost 1lb that given week. That’s roughly 20lbs over 6 months!

I think that’s a pretty good result.

Dan Bryan Fitness

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