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Overconfidence & The Plan Premortem

4 Nov 2021

One of the biggest obstacles I have come to see that stops someone’s fitness programme dead in its tracks is overconfidence. Overconfidence in the story they have told themselves that they can succeed. It is not a case that they are incapable of achieving what they set out to but rather they have failed to […]

How to Trust the Process in Fitness

17 Sep 2021

I’ve never heard anyone define what a ‘process’ is more clearly and simply than Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban. Saban has a way of being able to focus his players on the dimple findsmentaknthingsbthatbit takes to be successful. Though he occasionally uses big rousing speeches I have found most of the time he is delivering […]

Learn to Say No

31 Aug 2021

If there is one thing I think we all struggle with it’s saying the word NO. This is especially true in our modern times where there are so many things constantly trying to grab our attention. Ask yourself a tough question: What am I putting off that will make me feel better and move me […]

Essential Home Exercise Equipment

25 Aug 2021

1. Foam Roll/Massage Ball In almost every individual exercise routine whether you are training for general health and wellness or for the professional sport we all need to keep on top of our mobility and quality of movement. Unless you are a hyper-mobile individual then self-administered release techniques using a foam roll, massage ball, vibration […]

Your Health and Fitness Journey Do Not Have to Be All or Nothing!

29 Jul 2021

It doesn’t have to be a case of ‘I’m either 100% on it or I’m 100% not, in which case what’s the point? Success is not tied to be 100% every time, probably not even 90%. You simply cannot be 100% every day. The process we follow is there to help us get as close […]

Define Your Standards Of Performance

22 Jul 2021

In 1978 the San Francisco 49ers were regarded as the worst team in the NFL, perhaps the worst team in sporting history for that matter. They won only 2 games out of 16 and lost the rest in a dismal season. Define your standards of performance The following year Bill Walsh was hired as the […]