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Egg Protein consists of long chains of amino acids of chicken eggs. Most of the proteins used in egg protein supplements come from the egg whites. Due to the fact that egg protein powder isn’t very soluble, emulsifiers such as lecithin are added so that it can be mixed easier with a spoon or shaker bottle.

Egg protein

The benefits of egg protein

Like all protein, egg protein is used to rebuild and repair muscle tissue, and is used mostly by athletes because of the large amounts of muscle tissue they break down due to their lifting weights or intense physical training.

Egg protein supplements allow you to use get a greater amount of protein for maximum muscle repair without having to intake more calories and fat by eating more solid foods. It is also much more convenient than cooking eggs and eating them 6 or 7 times a day. Instead they can just mix it up and go.

The amount of protein needed for optimal muscle repair for males is anywhere from 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight and for females, .75-1gram of protein per pound of body weight. This number of grams of protein is multiplied by the body weight and is divided equally by six meals, not to exceed over 50-55grams per meal. (Your body cannot take in more than that per hour or hour and a half) An example would be; a 200-pound male would want to take in 300 gms of protein (1.5 grams per body pound) and would divide 300 by 6 to come up with a total of 50gm of protein per meal. Women would do the same thing. If you come up with a higher protein per meal number, you should add a meal to your day for optimal results.

It is important to consume protein within one hour of your workout, because your body will need and use the protein instantly. It is also essential to take in protein before you sleep, to insure you keep building and repairing muscle tissue all night long. You build and repair most of your muscle tissue while you are sleeping.

If you’re eating raw egg whites, there’s a risk of salmonella bacteria, which is carried in poultry. Supplemental forms as well as cooked eggs do not carry the same risk because heating destroys the bacteria.

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