Wellness Developing A Mindset

Developing the mindset to change your life starts with creating your own compelling vision of the future. Is it easy? No. It takes guts to imagine life as you really want it. Because let’s face it, there’s comfort in having excuses.

Developing A Mindset

Embracing the quitter within is easy and comfortable

You just park yourself in your familiar spot on the couch and keep eating and flipping channels.

Change, on the other hand, is uncertain. And uncertainty is scary. Getting up and doing something is hard; you don’t know if you’re going to reach your goal(s). For most people, doing nothing is easier than risking failure, so they don’t even try to change.

That’s not you, or you wouldn’t even be reading this

Congrats on making it this far. You’ve decided to change your mindset and make positive changes. You’re sick of doing nothing. Your vision of the future is what is going to get you off the couch so that vision has to be good. Make it sharp and focused on the specific outcomes you want, and see yourself taking the daily actions that will get you those outcomes.

Presumably it’s a future in which you:

1. Have more energy

2. Enjoy better relationships

3. Feel, look and perform better

4. Get more of what you really want

What are the sounds, smells, sights a tastes of your life when all of these are lined up? Can you picture it? This is your vision of the future. It’s not enough. You must make new habits. This is where your fitness professional will help you by holding you accountable, sharing expertise, and showing you how to take the right steps, in the right order, and helping you sustain the day-to-day effort required to get you there.

In addition to that support and reinforcement, you must also bring your own unshakable belief that you were born for this, that you are the kind of person who can silence the quitter inside, take action and beat the odds. Your natural state is the opposite of fragile; nothing knocks you sideways, you overcome obstacles and achieve things that used to be impossible.

Change your mindset – This is who you really are!

You just had to be reminded, right? Listen to the guidance and expertise of your fitness professional. Change your daily habits around food, exercise and your thought processes.  Stop listening to the quitter inside and identify with the champion you really are. This is how you turn your vision into reality.

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