Trainers Can’t Get Enough of Online Personal Training

All the benefits of Online Personal Training on one page!

online personal training

If you’re reading this, you probably have heard of online personal training and spent some time and money on working with a personal trainer. As great as the experience of working out with a personal trainer can be, there are some common challenges that will eventually come up, so let’s be honest for a moment. These challenges can be your workout quality, cost, scheduling, location, or any other number of common issues.

However, the traditional model of personal training with a client can be greatly improved, and here is how.

Welcome to online personal training.

Online personal training is a new and exciting way for me to train you without having to be face to face to each other every workout. This can be accomplished through our mobile app. In there, I can send you custom workouts along with video tutorials on how to perform each exercise. When you hit submit at the end of your workout, I am instantly notified and can see what you’ve done. Moreover, we can even link your FitBit so I can see how effective your workout was. Talk about accountability!

Who is online personal training good for?

This is good for individuals who:

  • Want access to a professional personal trainer anytime and anywhere.
  • Want a fully customized routine best fit to their specific goals.
  • Have a busy schedule and need flexibility to workout on their own time.
  • Are looking for a training package at a more affordable price.

It’s starting to seem obvious right? With online personal training, you always have access to a personal trainer. At the same time, you can maintain freedom of location and time, and stay on track with your workouts. In contrast, with in-person training, if you or your personal trainer have a schedule conflict, it creates a potential to derail your entire program.

Further, online personal training programs are simply more cost effective than in-person training. A month of online training typically costs you less than a single week of in-person training sessions at which you perform the same exercises every workout. Technology is great solution in that way. Our quality of life improves over time as accessibility to quality services increases while costs are driven down.

Everything is in your hands

The only question that remains is whether you can get the same results with online training compared to in-person. It’s a fair question, and the one only you can answer. The effectiveness of any program relies on your motivation and the effort you’re willing to put in. You can rest assured that the results will come if you put in the work required. Ask yourself, how committed are you to achieving your goals.  Also, look at what has held you from achieving those goals back in the past. These are still factors when you’re training in-person.

Online personal training can have some extra positive affects on motivation because I’m always just a message away for support. Moreover, I regularly drop in with extra  thoughts or notes for clients to help them through their workouts.

If you’re ready to go all in and commit fully, I’m confident you will accomplish all of your health and fitness goals.

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