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Clear the Clutter

Clear the clutter is more than just cleaning out your closets, drawers, and cabinets. Clearing the clutter also clears the mind and just as you create space for new things in your home, you create new space for thoughts.

When we clear clutter, you get rid of all that does not serve your purpose anymore. I want you to think about a time when your room, bathroom or kitchen was all a mess. Clothes were all over, shoes randomly thrown in different areas of the room. Or your make-up was all over the counter and not in the bag, toothpaste cap was on the floor, your towel was tossed over the door. Your kitchen, picture your kitchen with pots and pans dirty on the stove, dirty spoons out and about, sauce and baking powder on the table.

Now think about how that makes you think and feel? Are you anxious? Can you think straight about what healthy meal you want to eat for lunch the next day? My guess is no.

Now picture all those rooms clean and everything in its place. How do you feel now? Are you calm? Do you have clear thoughts about what you need and want to do next? My guess is probably yes. You feel relaxed and ready to take on whatever task comes your way.

When you clear the clutter of our environment, you instantly feel lighter. Your energy field becomes open to renewed inspiration and expanded self-awareness that helps you live your best—and lighter—life.

Our homes reflect who we are on every level. Invisible threads of energy connect us to everything in it. When you hold onto too many things, especially from your past, your energy is scattered. Clutter also creates clogged energy that can dampen your mood. You may not notice how this affects you but once you let it go, you feel revitalized.

Changing yourself—including releasing weight—happens from the inside out as you change your thoughts and feelings. The change also happens from the outside in as you release objects that no longer serve your emotional and spiritual growth.

Here are 6 ways to clear the clutter:

1. Choose your method

  • Room by Room – chose a surface, area or the entire room
  • By category – chose things such as clothes, dishes, make-up, office supplies

2. Get 4 bags/boxes and label them

  • Trash
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Unsure

3. Remove all items from the area/category chosen

Spread them out so you can see everything. This keeps you honest.

4. Pick up each item and decide within 5 seconds with a box it belongs in

A helpful way to do this is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this useful?
  • Have I used it in 6 months?
  • Is it worth having in my home or is it just taking up space?

5. After you have your bag/box full, get rid of the decluttered items immediately

Take out the trash and drop off the donations. The key to this is to rid of them quickly and not have them linger. This causes declutters remorse.

6. Put all the keep items back where they belong


1. Start small – choose one drawer or one section of the room
2. Don’t choose items that have a special meaning to them first
3. Use a timer. This keeps you focused and makes it fun. When you know you only have 25 minutes to clear an entire space, it has a psychological effect on you and makes you work faster to get more done.

Clearing the clutter is about progress, not perfection. Start small, be intentional and soon you will see improvement. Not only in your home but in your total body transformation.


Using the steps above, think about and chose an area that you need to clear out. Then write out how you felt before, during and after the process. How does this relate to how you feel about fitness/nutrition/fat loss?

Until next time,

Learn. Transform. Grow.

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