Nutrition Are Carbs The Enemy?

A popular notion to lose weight is to switch to a low-carbohydrate diet. Sure, this can aid in weight loss, but it is not because carbs are the enemy.

Are Carbs The Enemy?

Instead, it’s because you are keeping your diet the same, but reducing your carb intake – which means lower energy intake (fewer calories consumed).

So, technically you are lowering your calories and that is leading to weight loss. NOT excluding an entire macro group.

Do you Need to Reduce Carbs to Lose Weight? 

The typical American diet is low protein, high carb, and high fat. But the issue is not the unbalanced macronutrient ratios, but instead portion control and lack of movement. Weight gain is influenced when an individual consumes more calories than how much calories they burn in a day.

But do you need to cut carbs to lose weight? Not at all. It’s important to remember that over-consumption of any macronutrient will lead to weight gain. There is not one macro that will inherently make you fat.

Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy in the body and are rich in dietary fiber. Did you know that an average adult diet should consist of 40-65% total calories from carbohydrates? When you eat a diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, fats, and protein not only are you going to improve your training but also your overall health.

However, it is VERY important to note that some people don’t like having higher carb ratios in their diet & that’s definitely okay! It is important, however, to avoid labeling or demonizing an entire macronutrient. Everyone is different, but if you enjoy carbs and you feel best on a diet that is moderate to high in carbs then you definitely don’t have to cut them out to lose weight.

It’s all about moderation, NOT restriction.

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