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 fitness commitment

ALL IN means fitness commitment!

What does it mean to be ‘All in’? It’s not the easiest question to answer.

Being dedicated to a cause makes a lot of sense but there could be more to it. Let’s take a look at two elements:


It’s not just how we want to look (in regard to fitness) it’s also about how we will feel, which has a great deal to do with health and wellness.

One of the greatest challenges to even choosing a goal is being able to define what the goal COULD be and how it MIGHT be achieved. Over the years fitness has been influenced or even ‘infected’ by an idea that goals can be achieved quickly and easily. Diet programs and rapid solutions have found their way into nearly every nook and cranny of the fitness ideology.

What should we as individuals and as a collective society, do about this?

Simple: stop paying any attention to them. Quick fixes to anything, especially fitness, are simply dangerous. They were never helpful and usually only benefit the ‘originator’ of the idea.

Is this a nefarious thing? Not exactly, but if it doesn’t help, why on earth would we continue the practice? Here’s the most likely motivation: it’s safer. Even though something has no proof of effectiveness it often feels safer than committing to a full experience and failing.

The DECISION to go for it

‘For safety sake’ is an often used and critically important part of the human experience. But here’s an important question. How often do we abandon something for safety sake and then adopt something else that causes even more harm? More than we’d like to admit! But why does this happen?

Simple: we make decisions for two base reasons. To escape pain and to gain pleasure, often seeking both at the same time. So when a solution such as genuine fitness work presents the guarantee of ‘pain’ (i.e. sacrifice, muscle fatigue, scheduling challenges, etc.) we tend to find a reason to escape it… and it’s often at our own peril.

So what can we do to avoid the trappings of the quick fixes, basically how do we avoid the pain of avoiding pain?

We need to find it within ourselves to be ALL IN. This will appear different for everyone and those differences are to be determined, and often discovered and that’s ok. For fitness, being “all in” means we accept there are few unknowns except for one: the commitment to go for it.

Getting FIT

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