Gabriel Maestas

Rio Rancho, United States

Gabriel Maestas

Rio Rancho, United States

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Fitness, Challenges, and a Link to Athletics

4 Jul 2022

Far too often people see fitness as something that’s going to be ‘just that easy.’ It’s tough to imagine how it could or should be any different. Reality is things are a lot different than what is or has often been advertised. Decades of quick fixes, crash diets disguised as legit plans, dishonest fit reps, […]

Fitness Commitment. What Does It Mean to Be All In?

6 Dec 2021

What does it mean to be ‘All in’? It’s not the easiest question to answer. Being dedicated to a cause makes a lot of sense but there could be more to it. Let’s take a look at two elements: The GOAL It’s not just how we want to look (in regard to fitness) it’s also […]

Tough Workout Questions

8 Nov 2021

How many reps? Sets? How many calories? Are these REALLY the tough questions we should be focusing on in our workout? Short answer: these ARE important elements! Question is, in the long term, are THESE the most critical elements to a successful program? What if there were a little more to it? The reality is […]

Resistance and Endurance Training: Is One Better Than the Other?

23 Oct 2021

Formal training can be a very diverse form of activity including so many types of exercise. As such, it seems that there’s a fairly popular debate that one mode of exercise can be better for you than another. Let’s take a closer look. The two base modes of exercise are endurance training or cardio, and […]

Squat: King of Resistance Training Exercises?

4 Oct 2021

What’s required to earn the title ‘King of Resistance Training Exercises’? Is it one of the most dynamic and complex movements ever designed? Or is it a movement that is so simple and foundational it can help the body and mind develop a strong and energetic center that can be built upon throughout an entire […]

Home or Gym Workout?

29 Sep 2021

How does one determine whether a home workout or gym workout is better for your fitness goal? What are some of the pros and cons of both? Is it better to start at home and work your way up to a more advanced gym program? These are important questions and there are no right or […]