Exercise Home or Gym Workout?

home or gym workout

Pros and Cons of home workout and gym workout

How does one determine whether a home workout or gym workout is better for your fitness goal? What are some of the pros and cons of both? Is it better to start at home and work your way up to a more advanced gym program?

These are important questions and there are no right or wrong answers. The initial query is what are you most comfortable with? You might be surprised how important it is to answer this question during the critical first 90 days. However, if a fitness program is too uncomfortable most people will discontinue. And, just as important, over time it can be critical to modify comfort zones for continued improvements.

Home workouts pros and cons

Pro – if you’re just starting out it’s likely you won’t encounter criticism or potential ridicule at home. No one can see you struggling.

Con – fitness facilities have professionals who can help ensure your safety during a workout. At home, no one can witness poor or dangerous form.

Pro – there’s a minimal economic commitment. Home workouts aren’t difficult to facilitate and most home equipment is handheld, which means you don’t need much to start.

Con – if you can’t do foundational exercises such as a pull up it can be difficult to perform alternative exercises such as a lat pull which you would find at a fitness facility.

Gym pros and cons

Pro – fitness facilities have a social culture that can be a lot of fun, encouraging, and motivating.

Con – sometimes there are ‘gym creepers’ who can be a real pain in the neck and might require intervention to get them to back off.

Pro – fitness facilities can have some really incredible equipment to help your workouts reach new levels of intensity and benefit.

Con – things can get expensive quickly. Membership fees, personal training sessions, and other purchases that increase the financial commitment.

Conclusion: have you taken the time to formulate a clear vision of your fitness ambitions and what it will require to take full ownership of the goal?

You can easily achieve health improvements and lifestyle transformations at home without fancy equipment or elaborate programming.

If you desire next-level results, performance, and a continued progression it’s not only likely you’ll require time at a fitness facility. It’s common you may find yourself frequenting several!

The best advice: be honest with yourself about your goal and remember the enthusiasm you felt when first deciding to make it a reality. No matter where you workout, ambitions will help you push through the only inevitable fitness factor: tough times and awesome reward!

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