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Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to achieve the body you want if you desire to look good in your sexy swimsuit or colorful board shorts without having to find a perfect angle for your next Facebook profile. Sounds good? I’m sure it is.

Achieve The Body You Want

Napoleon Hill once said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

How to achieve the body you want. Three very important ideas:

Now, to achieve the body we want, we must consider three very important ideas.  First idea is you need to have a goal. Remember, a strong body and a powerful physique start with your mindset. Without a goal, how will you ever hit your target? But why do few people set goals? I believe there are four reasons. Reason number one why people don’t set goals. They think it’s not important. They don’t realize the ability to set and achieve goals will have more of an effect on their body and on their life. Reason number two why people don’t set goals. They don’t know how. Most people think they already have goals, but what they have is a series of wishes or dreams, like “I want to be healthy” or “I want to tone my body”.

However, a goal should be something clear, written, and specific, for example, you want to lose 5 pounds this month. You can measure it, and you know when you have achieved it or not. Reason number three why people don’t set goals. They have a fear of failure. Failure hurts. That’s why many people then will make a mistake of unconsciously sabotaging themselves by not setting any goals at which they might fail. And reason number four why people don’t set goals, they have a fear of rejection. Most people are afraid that if they set a goal and fail, others will criticize or ridicule them. Keep your goals confidential and don’t tell anyone. Let them see what you have achieved but don’t tell them in advance.

Second idea, mind your diet because they’re more difficult than exercise. If you’re overweight, diet alone will make you lose a lot of pounds. The quality of your body determines the quality of food you’re eating. Junk foods are trash. That’s why they’re called junk for a reason because they do nothing helpful for your body. Eliminate the sweets. They’re just synonymous to junk foods. Instead, fix your diet by including fruits and vegetables to your plate. Eggs should be a staple in your diet. Include some meat and control your fat intake. Drink plenty of water everyday. Supplements are great, only if you have a good balance diet. Because if you rely on them, without a balance diet, it’ll do more harm than good.

Third idea, hard work is critical. The body that you have achieved is the result of your training inside the gym. You work hard, you’ll get results. Make it a habit to train at least three times a week, 30-45 minutes of intense workout. If you can still chit chat during your workout, you’re not working hard enough. Shut yourself out from the world and stay focus.

We’re now living in a digital age. Information about how to exercise and workout programs can be access freely in the world wide web. If you want to learn how to properly execute an exercise, you can hire a trainer to help you, but don’t depend on them. Be independent. Educate yourself. Learn a new skill. Always remember, nothing worth having comes easy. Just when it feels like the workout is hard – just remember how good you’re going to look and push through!

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