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tips for healthy living

I’ve gathered 15 quick tips for healthy living to guide you in your health and wellness journey.

Let’s face it, when you’re starting out on your health and wellness journey it can be information overload. You can be reading all the books and watching all the “influencers” on social media, and truly be more confused than when you started.

I’ve gathered the following 15 quick tips, in hopes of it being a simple guide for those of you, maybe just starting out, and want some basics. Even if you remember just one or two from this list, and implement them into your daily practice, I’d say you are already heading in the right direction!

So, here are my 15 tips for healthy living:

#1: Commercial produce is okay

#2: Canned and frozen are also okay

#3: Organic is much better

  • Keeps chemicals off your plate
  • Supports a true economy
  • Protects future generations
  • Saves energy
  • Protects water quality
  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Said to increase flavor

#4: Local is even better

  • Choose farm-to-fork
  • Support local farmers
  • Organic comes from all over

#5: Fresh is best

  • Eat right after harvest
  • Get healthy food into your body

#6: Use a timer

  • Accomplish tasks while your food is cooking
  • Choose ingredients that require minimal preparation, minimize overwhelm

#7: Keep it simple

  • Gourmet once in awhile
  • 2-3 ingredients, not more than 4-5

#8: Cook once, eat twice (one of my favorites!)

  • Less time in the kitchen = more time in life

#9: Vary cooking styles

  • Raw; Steam; Quick boil
  • Juice; Blend
  • Stir fry with oil; Water saute; Soups

#10: Vary flavoring and condiments

  • Use a lazy susan to display your options
  • Keep everybody happy
  • Let everyone choose their own taste

#11: Experiment

  • Watch what others buy
  • Try new recipes
  • Choose a new fruit/vegetable or cook it in a new way

#12: Mistakes are okay

  • 1st burnt, 2nd better, 3rd just right, 4th delicious!

#13: Ask others for help

  • Many hands make light wo
  • Create connection, share time together

#14: Don’t eat foods you don’t like

  • Select based on intuition
  • Avoid food marketing influences

#15: Understand the ways you enjoy eating

  • Alone? In bed? Peaceful environment?
  • With others? Using chopsticks? Fancy plates/cutlery vs To-go containers
Gigi Kent Wellness

Citation: Information used in this post is based on my notes from studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

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