Trainers 10 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer

10 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer

My goal is not just to train clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.
My goal is to educate them!

Here are the 10 reasons you need a Personal Trainer:

1. Knowledgeable

We not only have the book knowledge of what we do, but we also have personal experience too. No matter how much you know to be open to learn and absorb what we can teach you.

2. Proper Form

We know the proper form. Proper form is essential to get the results you seek and to avoid injury. It doesn’t matter how heavy you can lift or how fast you can go if the form is not correct.

3. Breathing

We remind you often to breathe. A common occurrence during training is to hold your breath instead of breathing properly. It is also important to know on each exercise when to breathe in, breathe out and what type of breath to use. As a personal trainer, this the most frequent correction I make during a session, sometimes 5–10 times per session.

4. Goal Setting & Results Driven

We have the ability to assess your abilities and your level of fitness and help you create goals and map out a plan for you to get those results.

5. Accountability

We will hold you accountable. It’s harder to miss the gym when you have an appointment scheduled. Also through this accountability, your Personal Trainer will help you develop new healthy habits.

6. Personalized Training Plans

Today’s fitness industry is exploding in mass group training box type gyms. Not all of these gyms are owned by actual Personal Trainers. Though cheaper in price than 1 on 1 Personal Training, you get what you pay for: little-individualized attention; greater chance of injury and little way of measuring progress. Personal Trainers create personalized plans with lots of detail, guidance on when to modify and as stated earlier concentration of breathing and form.

7. Personal Trainers Challenge you

Isn’t this the foundation of what Personal Training is all about? We will take you beyond what can do on your own. That’s the whole purpose. We will introduce you to new exercises, technique variations, and proper executions.

8. Change Your Mindset

We help you change how you think about healthy lifestyles, exercise, rest, your body and so much more.

9. Plant Seeds of Possibilities

We are walking the talk. We live our art. Personal Training isn’t something I do for a career, it’s who I am. I know not every client wants to look as I look, I listen and give my clients an extra nudge to become more every chance I can.

10. Invest In You

We are just as excited for you when you hit your goals as we are for ourselves. Also, we are your biggest cheerleaders. We care about you and your health.

This list is just could go on and on. Personal Training has so many benefits and it is an investment you make in yourself. My end game with every client no matter what service I provide for them (Personal Training, Nutrition, Life Coaching, etc.) is to empower you through your personal interaction with me to not only learn the knowledge I share but to experience and become it. My true mission is to get you so empowered, you no longer need me. That is my biggest passion!

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