ExerciseLifestyle Is Your Workout Consistency Holding You Back?


Consistency is key

The best workout plan fails without consistency.  The best diet fails without consistency.

Workout consistency leads to consistent results regardless of the quality of your plan

When it comes to following a strength training routine, that doesn’t mean doing it every day. It means getting in at least 3 workouts every single week for months or years at a time.

The quality of the workouts will dip from time to time and that is okay as long as we continue to stay the course. Surprisingly the more consistent we are, the more frequent our “bad workouts” will happen.

That is a sign that you are or have developed the habit and the routine of working out that is sustainable for your lifestyle!

It means working out has become a natural part of your everyday life. It means you are consistently putting in the work even if you find it boring at times. Of course, we want to try and keep our workouts fun, but in the real world sometimes that doesn’t happen. Think of other tasks you do every single day because you recognize the benefits it has. Brushing your teeth, fun? Not really, but we do it at least twice a day. Drinking water, fun? No, but we (hopefully) do it every day. Working out is no different. It is a commitment to your long term health.

So, how do we improve our workout consistency?

The first thing to consider is: do you have a plan?

Not just a plan for today’s workout, but a plan for the workout you’re going to do in 3 weeks and beyond that.

Having your workouts planned out and scheduled will increase your consistency and free up some of your energy by not having to stress about what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. This is how you create and sustain the habit of working out. You would take the same approach with your nutrition, with your business, with your self-care, etc. “Winging it” does not lead to consistency.

Other aspects of workout consistency to consider is your support system.

Do you have friends & family who can help hold you accountable for your actions? What about professional support? That is what we accomplish in The Good Human and The Strong Human groups with like-minded individuals lifting each other up and holding each other accountable throughout the process.

Lastly, we need to be honest with ourselves when we aren’t being consistent.

Perhaps you’re just not as interested in starting to workout, trying to lose weight, or starting a business right now. That is okay! It is important to recognize this so we don’t end up overwhelming ourselves with self-doubt and disappointment. Like the old saying goes, “if it is important to you, you’ll find a way.”

Keep doing the work and continue to show up for yourself every day!

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