Lifestyle Why should I pay for a Personal Trainer?

How’s the UK’s health looking?

Obesity, heart disease, depression, and anxiety are plaguing the country. These illnesses all have clear relationships with a lack of exercise and poor diet. Last year the UK spent nearly £30 billion on takeaways but a third less on the Fitness sector. Following this, 40% of people who sign up for a gym membership quit by renewal date 12 months later.

Now, who’s guilty of signing up for the gym and seeing their membership card peek out of their wallet or purse like a startled meerkat when you’re reaching for your debit card?

So is this another post about getting up and going for a run? Because maybe it’s Wednesday night and you’re fed up with work, sat down in front of yet another pasta dish you’ve reheated from Monday and you don’t want to leave the sofa because the midweek TV is just too good. This is where a Personal Trainer can swoop in and turn your Wednesday night slump on its head!

What can a Personal Trainer do for me?

Fully qualified in various exercise techniques and their safe practice combined with knowledge on healthy dietary habits, a personal trainer can be the teacher you need to become a healthier, happier, more energetic version of yourself!

The trainers in your gym are friendly people (trust me!), their job relies on social interaction and a member of the gym they train at is as good a friend as they’ll find at work. So, if you see them without a client and you’re worried about trying a new exercise or if you think your workout has become boring and stale, give them a nudge and ask them a couple of short questions.

If they’ve got some time on their hands, you’re their priority. They’ll easily answer any queries you have and could turn that particular workout into the best one you’ve had in months, after just a short conversation.

If you’d like to take it further, ask for their details and they will happily write you a program for your exercise or dietary needs, they will likely charge but it’ll be a fraction of the cost of block booking sessions.

If you do feel as though you need someone to push you through your sessions to get the most out of them then who better than someone who is always at the gym and knows their stuff! By hiring a trainer you get expert advice to reach your goals effectively and more importantly it gives you an excuse to get down the gym. We all have that friend who drops the ‘Sorry, I can’t make it anymore [insert mediocre excuse]’ text when you’re sat in your local café 10 minutes early to meet them. In recent weeks you might well have become ‘that friend’ in your relationship with the gym.

However, with a trainer, you’ll have someone to disappoint and you’ll be wasting some extra pounds too. This means you’ll feel as though you have to go to the gym, meet your trainer and smash a workout! But I can guarantee you’ll feel smug about it afterward and so you should, you hard working gym-goer you!

So give a trainer a thought, it could change your outlook on life and obliterate any of your health worries!

Become a Wednesday Warrior and stop being a Wednesday Worrier! Get up, get moving and get active, you’ll be thanking yourself soon enough.

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