Nutrition Why “Dieting” Is a Fail

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Ever start dieting and instantly fail due to constricted time?

Ever start dieting and instantly fail due to constricted time?

Everyone says that it is just an excuse to run out of time. But I will have to admit it has taken me 18 years and I still don’t manage my time wisely when it comes to meal prepping. I absolutely love when my week goes as planned and I am able to set aside a couple hours and prep all my meals.

It doesn’t always happen but that’s when I have a backup plan. I don’t just ditch on the nutrients that my body needs. You may have planned for a great Sunday of meal prepping but life happens and it doesn’t always happen like that.

Dieting is a harsh word that USA has put on a lot of fad diets. I believe in giving your body what it needs to produce energy. Some individuals can intake 2xs the amount of carbs one individual can and produce power while the other individual feels bloated. We have to work with the body that God gave us.

Simplifying things and making things work for your lifestyle are key for providing nutrients to your body.

I found myself in Hawaii a couple years ago failing miserably at “dieting” because I was working as a CNA, 12 hour days and then I was personal training as well. I would find myself at drive-thrus a lot because I was in a crunch but my stomach was growling like it was eating my whole body. Looking back, I realize that the choices I made to go to the drive thru were entirely mine but I also look back and realize how much I’ve grown from that experience. Now I always have a healthy alternative in a backpack or small cooler for meals throughout the day, instead of resorting to drive-thrus.

Giving yourself grace is a huge factor in succeeding.

I believe that whole-heartedly. Dieting is restricting and don’t always provide you with what your body honestly needs. Yes, it does depend on what you are going for. If your goal is to be a big-timer at bodybuilding then you will during your adventure down that avenue have a restricted diet. I am talking day-to-day life when you are feeling your greatest.

You are what you put into your body!

For me honestly, I believe in a whole meal 3xs a day, which means that I am getting protein, veggies and carbs and then snacks about 3xs a day, which also means a protein shake or fruit when I am feeling hungry throughout the day. I don’t believe that I am on a “diet”. I believe my body tells me exactly what it needs and I give it to it. Does that mean that I cheat once in a while and have that ice cream after dinner, hell yes I do.

We, as I’m speaking to all of you, need to open our eyes and realize that a cookie cut plan for everyone is not going to get the same result with everyone. My nutrition plans are my own, they work for me. It makes me bring up the question:

Are you happy right now with your nutrition plans?

If you don’t want to fail over and over again on dieting, contact me and we can figure out something that works for your needs. It takes time to form healthy habits and switch from our own mindset to someone elses’ but if you want to provide energy and nutrients to your body and mind, I am here for you.

I want you to succeed because in return I succeed.

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