Exercise Why Core Isn’t a Bore!


Have you ever been to the gym & heard the guy who thinks he’s a bodybuilder or powerlifter say they never train core? (Side note this person almost always has an atrocious form!)

Ever notice this guy seems to have a new injury every week? Don’t be this guy! Take it from someone who was that guy. I used to get injured like crazy when I first started getting into the gym. One day I discovered the answer. I was getting hurt because I wasn’t doing core.

“But what does core have to do with my T-Bar Row?” So glad you asked! Core gives you the strength & stability to get higher weights & better form in almost every workout you do! Think about it, imagine not engaging your core to do a dead-lift, or pick up something heavy. Your body needs to stabilize somehow, and the only other option here (which isn’t an option) is lifting with your lower back.

So how do we fix this? Simple!

The most effective way to increase strength, stability and comfortability in lifting is by doing 2-3 quality core workouts every time you exercise.

Plus who doesn’t want those killer washboard abs & “V-lines!”

Your core is your center. It controls and aids in everything you do from taking out the trash, to climbing a ladder. Take a day and pay attention to how often you engage your core (even subconsciously.)

Not convinced? Let me paint a scene for you. I’m waiting for my HIIT fitness class to start, we’re about 10 minutes out. As usual, before a class, I’m ready to go, fully set up, have some mom-friendly rap music on my speaker & waiting for my class to arrive. I taught this class on a Queenax which is basically a big jungle gym for adults, with monkey bars and all kinds of other cool stuff! Anyways I’m killing time & start hanging upside down doing sit-ups on the monkey bars. Ironically as a new face walks into my class. Her name was Lucy. Lucy was so impressed with what I was doing especially because she wanted to build a core that she stopped me after class to ask about my progression to be able to do that. Needless to say, I saw Lucy in every class after that Tuesday.

Doing core makes everything easier, so just do it!


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