Exercise Why Cardio is NOT the answer to fat loss

We all know, that when people think of losing weight, they think the number one fat loss regimen MUST involve a cardio intense workout.

Even if cardio treats you like this ^^ everyyyyytime.

In this blog post, I will explain to you why only doing cardio answers is not the key to weight loss, and how you can spice up your workouts with strength and resistance training.

To begin, I will define Cardio. According to LiveStrong.com, Cardiovascular training refers to any activity that increases heart rate and respiration while using large muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically. In short, your heart will be on 100.

While I love cardio and agree that it is definitely needed in your workouts, their are other ways to workout your heart that does not involve you sitting on a treadmill for 1 hour at the gym.

30 minutes later….Resulting in you feeling like this…

In the gym, you want to think smarter not harder! Here is why you ARE NOT seeing the results from your own hour of cardio intense workouts composed of the treadmill, elliptical, and bicycle for 5 days a week.

While you are performing cardio, your heart rate is at its peak. You are constantly sweating if working hard enough and you are burning lots of calories. However, Immediately after you finish the workout and cool-down, the calorie burning stops. So you’re probably thinking well, duh? Am I supposed to still burn calories AFTER the gym?

Yes! Yes you are! You deserve that right and you worked hard for it! When you decide to strength train, A.K.A pick up a weight, your body continues to burn calories for up to 72 hours POST-WORKOUT.

This phenomenon, is called DOMS – or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. In lament terms, all the while your muscles are sore and healing and rebuilding from lifting weights, you are still burning calories! If you’re down for burning MORE calories post gym than you do in the gym, shout right now, I’M DOWN. 

Aside from making you burn MORE calories post-workout, strength training boosts your METABOLISM. This word should ring in your ears if you’re on track to living a healthier life. Metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. Most people who are naturally tiny have a faster metabolism.

Different things can factor into how fast our metabolism is like genetics, diet, exercise, and foods. However, the MORE muscle your body has, the FASTER your metabolism is. Let me repeat that: the MORE muscle your body has, the FASTER your metabolism is.

Unfortunately, Cardio DOES NOT build muscle, and doing too much of it can actual cut into the muscle you do have…resulting in a decreased metabolism.

Now Check this breakdown:

1 lb. of Muscle=  burns an extra 50 calories at rest.
10 lbs. of Muscle= burns 500 calories at rest
500 calories a day x 7 days a week= 3,500 calories lost a week

3,500 calories= 1 lb. of FAT 

If you successfully add muscle to your body, you will burn fat naturally, without trying!

So basically, you have every right to fall OUT of love with cardio and go pick up a weight! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more!

Disclaimer: BodiedByBri Is NOT responsible for any injury resulting from working out. Please workout in a safe controlled environment and ask for gym members help if you do not know how to lift weights correctly. It is easy to strain muscles with weights so make sure you are well stretched beforehand!

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