Nutrition Why Aren’t Diets Working for Me?

Why Are Not Diets Working for Me

Have you found yourself full of anxiety, pulling your hair out, trying to figure out “why aren’t diets working for me?”.

Perhaps you last for a few weeks or a few months, but eventually, plummet into a big bowl of ice cream because the scale just won’t move in the right direction and still wondering why aren’t diets working for me?

Every year the trends in diets change, causing people to desperately try the latest diet, in hopes that it will finally help them lose the weight and keep it off!

The problem with this concept is that everyone’s body is designed differently, and what works for one person, may not work for another. This leaves the “Cookie Cutter Diet,” concept dead in its tracks.

Dieting can often do more harm than damage because one can often begin to starve the body of nutrients it may need, while psychologically the person can begin to obsess and think about food more than they were prior to dieting, leaving the person eating chocolate cake on the couch in a state of depression!

The key to proper nutrition is through a total, “Lifestyle” change.

It’s important to change your lifestyle slowly, removing certain key foods that sabotage their specific body, while adding new foods and habits that create a healthier mindset, physical body and overall healthier life.

All too often I see clients worry about counting every calorie only to eventually fail, because they removed too much too fast, ended up hungry and finally falling off the rocker into a pizza and ice cream binge!

So what’s the answer? How does one avoid this trap? By changing your relationship with food. When we view food as the problem, we end up wanting it more. By looking at your own heart and asking the difficult questions about what you are trying to feed with the food, you can get down to the root of the issue.

One can diet every day of their lives, but still, be miserable.

It is only when we look inside and face the ugly truths about our motives for improper eating, that’s when we will set free from the addiction.

Be honest with yourself about why you run to chocolate every time you’re stressed and I promise you, you will think twice the next time you are rushing to the freezer for some ice cream. Once you deal with those heart issues, one will then be able to more readily commit to removing the sabotaging foods, one by one and keeping them to a minimum.

I am not a fan of never eating a treat here and there unless that treat causes sickness in your body, which in fact can happen! Starving yourself will only cause you to yearn more for the foods you love, so unless you know it’s a food that you will not be able to eat just a small amount of, allow yourself a treat every week.

Removing foods slowly, listening to your body and listening to your heart will help you to be successful in reaching your weight loss goals and keeping the weight off for good!

It begins with a decision to believe that you are worth it!

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