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Know your “why” and boost your fitness motivation

Have you ever done something or ever wanted to do something and lost sight of why you chose to do it? Or maybe you knew what your “why” was when you began and started losing sight of it over time?

I have.   

I myself have faced this problem not just as a personal trainer, but also when I was Active Duty Air Force. Plenty of times I would find myself doing tasks or courses because someone told me it is what they did or how it helped them not taking into consideration the differences in our goals.

In turn, I would not say it was a complete waste of time but slightly steered me away from my own personal goals. What am I getting at?  Well, I am glad you asked.

In the position I am in now as a personal trainer, which was one of my goals, I achieved and eventually moving to online training to reach a greater amount of people in need. I work with clients and observe others in the gym who have lost their “Why” and their fitness motivation.

I have worked with clients, past and present who sign up for a trainer and want to achieve a specific goal of either losing weight or getting stronger.

The problem I see is a lot of them do not realize the patience, effort, and dedication needed to achieve their goals.

Now, I would say I am a reasonable trainer who understands that life happens, you have your ups and downs. However, I cannot do the work for you to get what you want. I can meet you at the halfway mark with motivation.  But you, as the client, need to come with the rest of the motivation. Dedication included.

Another issue I see is people throwing away money.

Even though it is not entirely my issue.  But one of the reasons why I want to venture to online training is because the pricing for trainer packages at the gym I work at, in my opinion, is outrageous.  When I see clients or other people in the gym, for the lack of better words, “half assing” it in the gym, it makes me wonder why that person pays so much money to come to a gym and not get your money’s worth of training.

I do not know about other trainers, but my goal is to help people with the drive and motivation to assisting them into becoming better versions of themselves.

A personal example for myself is social media. There are times when I get lost in the “Oh I want to do this video or that video” or get caught up in how many followers and views I get.  Listening to what everyone has to say about how they built their businesses and what you need and do not need, it’s frustrating.  I then find myself spinning my wheels not getting anywhere fast because it is so much conflicting information out there.

To get myself back to my why, I feel the need to take a break from the distractions of social media and refocus on what my true goal and purpose. This was to take my knowledge and experiences and pay it forward to help someone in their life.

The bottom line is: know your why and try not to lose sight of it.  I hate to say it, but it does happen and will happen.  Your task is to recognize when you do and get back on track with your fitness motivation, no one is perfect.

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