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how to achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals: surround yourself with like-minded individuals, visualize your goals, remain focused.

You ever wanted something so bad, but the thought of how long it would take you to get there irritated you? People just do not outright say it, their emotions and body language tells it all. There are very few of us that want to enjoy the journey to our goals and many who want to take the highway to hell expressway to get to their goals. Obviously, you guys know where I am going with this…

When it comes to health and fitness, everyone (including myself) is willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight or gain muscle in the most minimal time possible.

Most of the time it is to be the top dog in the gym or simply put: to impress others.

I remember a time where I would take literally any supplement because it stated on the bottle that it guaranteed to build muscle or burn fat at a faster rate than I was experiencing without it. I could not tell you how many test booster I have tried in the effort to gain some size or take a fat burner because it claimed to but fat 2x faster.  Now let me be clear, I have never tried steroids before and was never that obsessed to do them probably because I kind of had a little knowledge on them. So I avoided them.

Not only was I trying to be a huge musclebound ripped guy at that point in my life, I faced a lot of insecurities with myself. One of the main ones I battled with was that I was so damn short, lol. So if I was going to be short, I was going to die trying to be the biggest shortest guy there was around.  I wanted all my shirt to look like spandex on my arms and my buttons to pop off my shirt because my chest was so massive.  By the grace of God, I never seriously medically injured myself on the inside or the outside of my body and was somewhat a little bit mindful of what I was ingesting.

However, as I grew up as I stated in my bio blog post, I became a little bit wiser and more cognizant that:

Being nutritionally and physically fit was more than just picking up heavy shit and putting it back down.

Practicing the Ketogenic Diet helped me to become more cognizant on the importance of what I was consuming, proper supplementation, and hydration and most importantly sleep and recovery.  Now this is not to say that supplements are 100% totally out of the question, but what people fail to remember is they are to supplement any healthy fitness and nutrition regimen you are currently following.

The moral of the story here my friends is that: I understand where you all are coming from when you set out on your fitness journey. And you want those gains. Or you want to shred or “incinerate” that fat as most fitness gurus say. But I am here to tell you: it is really not worth the risk.

Will you start your journey and fail, or for my church-goers, backslide on your diet lol, absolutely! I am not going to say I am perfect on my fitness routine but I am pretty damn good, but best believe even though where I am at physically, I still mess up on my diet from time to time.

Have I got better over the years? Yes. But there are days that I may be a little bit hungrier than other days and eat something I probably should not, I sure do.  Now on the flip side to that: if my mind is really set into what my goal may be, whether it is to get into single digit body fat or bulk up a bit, I keep my focus.

Enjoy the journey, my friends!

There will always be bumps in the road when it comes to achieving your goals whether it be fitness, nutrition, and education, whatever it is you want. There will always be obstacles.

This blog is mainly to point out my reason for being here and. We are all human and do have similar issues in life.  I don’t want to sound like an after-school special or anything, but all you have to do is: surround yourself with like-minded individuals, visualize your goals, remain focused, and even though it may seem like forever, you will be proud of your accomplishment or accomplishments.

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