Exercise Use Resistance Bands To Aid You

With resistance bands you can do any type of strength exercises.

Use The Bands To Aid You

For some the weight area of the gym can be intimidating. Maybe it’s the lunks, maybe it’s just not knowing what to do…

here’s a workout that you can do without going anywhere near the free-weights.

We’re going to use bands instead!

Circuit One:

12 x Resistance Band Squats: step on band while holding handles at shoulder height.
12 x Lunges: body weight is enough, no band needed.
12 Each leg x Kick Backs: band under arch of foot.

Circuit Two:

12 x Bent Over Row: bend over slightly with knees bent, stand on band while holding the handles making sure you have tension on the bands.
12 x Bench Lying Chest Press: loop band under a bench, lie down and perform motion.
12 x Lateral Raise: stand on band with one foot slightly in front of you, raise both arms straight out to the sides keeping elbows straight.

Circuit Three:

12 x Tricep Extensions: again, stand on band but with foot slightly behind you, hold bands at ear height with band extended behind you and push straight up.
12 x Bicep Curls: stand on band with both feet, start with arms bent on 90 or a little great then curl to the chest and back down.
12 x Diagonal Wood Chops: attach band to high, external position, stand perpendicular to the line of the band, pull band across you body toward the outer foot.

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