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Trust the process!

In high school and college I was a sprinter/jumper (heptathlete). Every time I’d get ready to set up in the blocks before a 100 or 200 meter race I’d do tuck jumps just like this. The official would say “on your mark” and I’d JUMP twice immediately as if to say “it’s about to go down.” I was always the last one in the blocks. Then he’d say “get set” (that’s when you see everyone put their butts up in the air).

And with my head down and heart racing I’d hear the gun go off and I’d explode out of those blocks. Ahh just thinking about it brings back so many memories.

After having my son Lincoln I couldn’t do a box jump, or a lunge jump – shoot, I probably couldn’t have jump roped! It was discouraging at times. Once you’re used to a standard of performance it can be hard to be patient and allow yourself to work back up.

Whether you’re coming back from an injury, pregnancy or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve tried something new, be patient with yourself.

Your body is amazing at healing and restoring. It might take longer than you’d like it to, but setting small goals will get you there.

Trust the process.

Whether you’re in a progressive program or building your body back up – trust the process. If you don’t have a safe and effective process of reaching your goals – it’s time to start!

You should have many small goals with bigger ones in mind. Listen to your body. Feel for the clues it might be giving you to get after it or slow down…And if you feel healthy and ready to do repeat tuck jumps, then get after it! Explode out of your blocks! Be confident and show me how strong you are.

Coach Kelsey Fitness

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