Nutrition “Top Secret” Fat Loss Foods

Gets you every time doesn’t it! I’m sorry! Well now you’re here you should probably read on and put the myths to bed once and for all.

The reason your eyes lit up, and we’re attracted to the title is purely a demonstration of how we are hard-wired. You see, as humans, we’re here to survive primarily so if there’s a quicker way to do what we naturally desire we’ll take it. You see, the ‘Hacker Mindset’ is nothing new, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time.

So back to the point of the article.

There are NO ‘secret’ fat loss foods. I can feel the mob closing in on me right now, so I’ll quickly jump back into my lane. But before they do let me clarify. Simply put, there are just foods which are better for us than others. We know this.

As a body transformation coach who encounters people every day asking questions that I find it hard to believe in this day and age that the general population doesn’t know the answer to, I like to keep things simple. This approach removes the fog from a client’s head space and allows them the freedom to discover foods all over again for themselves and start to see the results of stress-free eating.

No food should be off limits to any fully grown adult human unless of course they are intolerant to it, or they can’t stop eating it until it makes them physically ill! That’s whether they are a body transformation client or not.

If we do decide to go down the route of labeling foods as ‘out of bounds’ then we run the genuine risk of triggering another inbuilt primal response from a client with the result being an unhealthy relationship with the food in question.

Effectively by labeling foods, we’d be having the opposite effect we desire by encouraging a secret eating state to manifest. At this point, we’ve potentially lost control of our clients’ nutritional habits.

The moral of this short story is that all foods, as long as you aren’t intolerant in any way, of course, are absolutely fine in moderation. Our clients need to learn to potentially survive without us at some point which makes practical education paramount in a client journey.

Personal Trainers and Coaches owe it to the population we coach to clear this up at every opportunity. You owe it to yourself to avoid those┬áposting nutrition ‘bro science’ bombs like the headline I used simply for the sake of lead generation and opportunism.

Keep your nutrition tailored to your lifestyle. This keeps it sustainable. That is the secret.

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