Trainers To Reach Our Fitness Goals, We Have to Speak to the Right Person

Right Person

It was my then-girlfriend, Lori’s birthday. She had her own phone in her room, so I called her on it.  Without saying “Hello” when she answered, I instead took the creative approach and immediately began singing “Happy Birthday”. With my smooth baritone and tenor-mix style, I was really loud and dramatic with it, as if I was singing on stage. I mean this was my big chance to show how much I cared for Lori and to show off my voice.

As I held out the last note for a 3 second-count, I was struck by the fact that she was unusually quiet. I figured she was totally impressed by my vocals to the point that she was speechless. However, I soon discovered the reason for the silence, because after a nerve-wracking 5 or 6 seconds; I hear, “Hold on, let me go get my daughter.” It was Lori’s mother. I was so so embarrassed. Lori and I had quite a few laughs over that for the next several months. I was speaking to the wrong person.

Speaking to the right person is important in achieving success in any endeavor. I mean, in most cases, we wouldn’t go to an auto mechanic to get our website developed. Or we wouldn’t go to a medical doctor to get our tires rotated. Each of those persons is an expert in their chosen fields, but asking them for advice in completely unrelated areas could lead to impending failure. Why? Because it behooves us to speak to the right person to help make us successful in any respective area.

The area of weight loss and other fitness goals is no exception. To be successful, we have to talk to the right fitness professional.

Here are five questions to ask a prospective fitness trainer when you are trying to reach your physical best:

1. Is he or she certified?

2. What is their certification?

3. How long have they been fitness training (themselves & others)?

4. What is the reason why they train?

5. Do they have recommendations or testimonials of their successful work with other clients?

Armed with these five questions and the feeling in your gut, you can then go and research what they said. And in a day or two, you’ll confidently make your decision; and be well on your way to your fitness goals. All because you talked to the right person.

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