Lifestyle Tips & Tricks When Eating Out-Don’t Feel Guilty

How to Overcome Feeling Judged

Most of us have been there, that awkward feeling we get when it’s our turn to order but we want to stick to our goals. If you are feeling like you are going to be judged by your friends and family when eating out due to your order at a restaurant, don’t let it affect you!

An easy way to think about it is a role reversal. If you are out with your friends and someone orders grilled salmon with a side of steamed veggies, do you judge them?

Probably not.

Eating proteinYou more than likely aren’t even paying attention to what others are ordering. In fact, if you do see a friend order something healthier than usual then you probably are thinking to yourself:


Overthinking things can cause unnecessary stress. Enjoy the time out with your friends and don’t worry about who is ordering what because nobody truly cares what you are ordering.

Here are a few suggestions when ordering and eating out:

  • Try to find foods that are simple when at a restaurant. Fish, steak, chicken, shrimp, those are all great options as long as they aren’t fried.
  • Always ask to have your meats or veggies steamed or grilled with no oil or sauce. The seasonings are OK!
  • If you choose to have a dish that comes with a sauce, ask for it on the side so you can be in control of the amount you use. More times than not, sauces are what carry the most calories and sugar in a meal.
  • Serving sizes are large at most restaurants. Asking for a to-go box ahead of time and putting half your meal away when you are served will help you keep your portions controlled.
  • Take sips of water between bites to help you slow down and enjoy the food.
  • If your table orders dessert, ask to share with a couple of friends instead of overindulging alone.
  • If you are going to a party where you are unable to pick your foods, eat a small meal beforehand. You will be less likely to choose less healthy foods out of hunger. Choose foods based on your goals.

Going out for drinks with friends:

If you are going out for a night out or a couple of drinks with co-workers for happy hour, here are some suggestions for you as well:

  • Always order a water with your drink. Alternate between your drink and your H2O.
  • Stay away from high sugar mixers. Most hard liquors are fairly light when it comes to calories. What makes them not so good is when you mix the liquor with a soda or a pre-made drink mix (margarita, daiquiri, and the infamous foo foo drinks). Asking for soda water (carbonated water) with a lemon/lime or a diet soda as a mixer will save you some calories.
  • As we talked about above, nobody really cares what you are ordering. Enjoy a cocktail then sip on some lemon water for the rest of the evening.

When eating out, keep your goals as the priority – leave that guilty feeling at home!

-Sierra from MBS Strong

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