Nutrition Tips for Parents: How to avoid childhood obesity

Tips for Parents: How to avoid childhood obesity

Encourage healthy eating habits and avoid childhood obesity.

I’ve always said to myself: When I become a parent, I want to provide my children with all that I didn’t have while I was growing up.

I’m sure we all strive to create a generational wealth for our future children. We often create this psychology of accomplishment justifying indulgence. The intrinsic components of sound health require physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These are the foundational components of generational wealth.

Here are some tips for cultivating healthy children to prevent future obesity:

1. Engage your children in extracurricular activities

Nothing beats having your children engaged in team sports and programs requiring physical activity. When children are involved, they’re not only keeping fit, they are developing social skills of teamwork, characteristics of commitment and great work ethic. Not to mention the increased stimulation of the vestibular system which can create better thinking and motor skills (scientific rant!) .

2. Hide the vegetables

Would it be unethical to secretly make cauliflower mashed potatoes with your lean steak, or that delicious dish containing zucchini pasta? There is no need to blatantly show the vegetables on the plate if your child already has a predisposition of “yuk, veggies!”. Instead, find different ways of incorporating vegetables into your dishes and smile when you serve them. 🙂

3. Practice what you preach

Whether you believe it or not, you have a great impact upon your children’s future habits. They will have a higher chance of respecting and listening when you walk the walk before you talk the talk. Although an out of shape trainer may have great knowledge, be honest. Who wants to take advice from someone who can’t apply their own advice? Therefore, get physically active, show off your healthy meal, and the suggestions you have for your children will innately hold more value.

4. Good ol’ fashion chores

In my old man voice “You see the problem with the youth nowadays is there is no work ethic!” Creating weekly chores can keep children from being idle at home on autopilot playing video games. They will be moving, working, and helping you out!

5. Create a paradigm shift for the psychology of “bad” foods

Shift the perspective of labeling foods as good and bad. This idea that cake is bad and should not be eaten will create this psychological prison of self degrading for genuinely enjoying foods of the world. In moderation of course. For example, let’s look at Willy Wonka’s childhood. His father, a Dentist, depicted candy as a devil never to be consumed, or his son will be condemned for eternity. This authority and excessive regulation created a curiosity and obsession for candy for Willy Wonka. Had his father sat down and simply explained the cons of candy without taking away the reality that candy will be enjoyed throughout life, that obsession may never have occurred. The French Paradox is a great example on how the perspective of food can change everything.

Keeping our youth healthy in all aspects should be a top priority. Apply these tips and experience the perks of conscious love.


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