Exercise The Safe Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss. A common topic of discussion amongst many people ranging from University Academics to Mums going to Weight Watchers. There are many theories, many testimonials, many different methods out there that preach how to lose weight. Here is my piece.

You can lose weight through many different means but the question is this: Is it damaging your body in the process?

I have preached my methods to people and some have come back to me, having completely disregarded them and continued with their own way of doing things, and said “See Tom, I lost x amount of weight doing what you told me not to do.” (High five) This is cool, everyone has a right to their own lifestyle.

Here is the thing though. If all you are concerned about is the numbers on the scale, then there are literally hundreds of ways to drop those, ranging from not eating anything for 5 days, doing 2 hours of circuits JUST on machines, doing sit ups for 30 minutes straight everyday, or avoiding all sources of protein.

Fact is though, ALL of these methods will damage your body A LOT in the process of dropping those numbers that you fixate on–and to be honest, are downright unnatural ways to do it. Repetitive, isolated movements, limited diets, imbalanced training routines, unpractical lifestyles–none of this is the right way.

Consider this, what goes into the weight of a human being? Muscle, water, fat, bone tissue, food, minerals, vitamins. By dropping the amount of any of these in your body, you will lose weight but without of all of these, FAT is the unattractive element here.

With this said, eliminate all thoughts about “losing weight” and refocus on “losing fat”.

How do we lose fat?

Here are my top 5 areas to focus on in losing fat:

  • 5/6 days a week, consume a diet consisting of nothing but wholefoods, preferably Organic if you can afford it.
  • Have a daily routine of 3 small meals and in between each have 1 snack to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Make sure to have the meals spaced regularly throughout the day.
  • Eliminate all grains from your diet to allow your digestive system to heal and repair itself so you can process food correctly.
  • Do 3 High Intensity Interval Workouts every week, each one slightly different from the other to give the body new stimulus.
  • Find out what your metabolic type is.

Until Next Time,

Your Trainer
Tom Files

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