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How to achieve your fitness resolutions in 2023

“In January, I’m going to start going back to the gym,” they say every December after putting on their winter clothes for holiday parties, and never being quite happy with what they see.

Every. Single. Year.

We started a program, and 70% of the people who started never finished. Why, you may ask?

After 15 years of helping people with their resolutions and goals, I can tell 3 reasons why not everyone gets to that point.

The first one is obvious because these folks never started.

They talked a big game, told a few people at the office that they are going to get moving in the new year, and they may have even called a trainer or two with great intention of “making it happen” this next year around. 

Solution: Take action
The second one we are all full of, and no I don’t mean opinions. Excuses!

As soon as an obstacle comes in the way, everything comes to a halt. I’ve seen it 1 million times (possibly not an exaggeration). In January the program started, and by February the program has been tossed to the side because of schedules, feeling too tired, stressed from work, or just any other thing that causes discomfort or makes working out inconvenient. 

Solution: Stay Committed, and Gain some Fortitude 
The last one (and by all means I know there are 1,000 more things I could add to this list), lack of self-accountability which deteriorates the relationship you have with yourself.

If someone breaks their word to you, and doesn’t follow through – what does that do to your relationship with them? The same goes for you! Keep your word to yourself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. That’s why I think it’s important to have help defining realistic and attainable goals to reach. Build your trust back with yourself. 

Solution: Accountability partner or coach to make sure you are staying on track, and being realistic about your goals. 

If you want to get on track and stay on track I have a program that’s designed to provide all the things that people need to be successful. 

Here is access to my Custom 12 Week Elite Transformation Program that will get you off the couch, get you moving, and provide a plan designed just for you to ensure you have the tools to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Written by: Tiffany Artis

Elite Results Training

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