Lifestyle The Importance of Adequate Sleep


Establishing a proper routine of sleep allows our bodies to recover and regain the energy we previously exerted!

Most people today find themselves at a crunch for time, misplacing their items as they out of the door on the way to work, only to realize they forgot their pseudo-medium roast coffee on their kitchen countertop by the time they start their car engine.

In a world where we always are on the move and seeking the best solution to keep us alert and focused, we fail to realize that our bodies are capable of setting us up for success, provided we give our natural system the chance, too.

I’m talking about sleep.

The most fundamental necessity and the biological requirement that Maslow himself revered as detrimental to our most basic level of operation.

With sleep, we recharge each system of our body and allow our cells to undergo undisturbed building processes that permit us to tackle the next day ahead of us. Establishing a proper routine of sleep allows our bodies to recover and regain the energy we previously exerted throughout our all-too-busy days.

It is well worth it to invest in items that improve your overall quality of sleep. For example, if you live in a bustling downtown area or have noisy areas, perhaps an artificial rain machine would help. It would provide a steady stream of stimulation that soothes your brain and doesn’t provoke excitatory responses that disrupt your sleep quality.

All humans have an internal clock known as the circadian rhythm. It operates on a 24-hour time schedule and you become increasingly tired as the day goes on, until eventually, your body beckons for your mattress.

On a matter of sleep disruption, it’s important to note that the body goes through different stages of sleep. Stages 1, 2, and 3 of NREM, and then enters stage 4, known as REM. These sleep stages are extremely important. If a person awakes in the middle of one cycle is completed, it can cause her to feel drowsy and yearning for a double shot of espresso before her feet even hit the ground.


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