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What’s the best form of cardio workout? The answer is: it depends!

Is it HIIT (High intensity, interval training)?
Is it LISS (Low Intensity, Steady State)?

Well, the answer is…

It depends!

I know that is not the answer that you were looking for or what you were expecting, but that is how it works.

You see, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, a lot of the times the answer is “It Depends”. I know that this is not what your favorite fit fluencer tells you when they are trying to sell you their product, but that is how it is. Why is that? you may ask yourself. Because every single person in this world is different, even though we share 99% of the same DNA, that 1% makes a huge difference.

There have been claims that either HIIT is better than LISS or the opposite.

They both work, but what works for you, it may not work for me. So even though someone may say that one is better than the other, it all comes down to one main factor.

Which one do you like the most and which one adapts better to your lifestyle?

Yes, it is that simple, it all comes down to the one that you like the most, and the one that can best adapt to your lifestyle. Different people, different tastes, different reactions.

If you are a person that has times constrains and you only have 30 min to workout in a day, then you may benefit from HIIT. If you are a person that has a little bit more flexibility on your schedule and enjoy steady state cardio, then go for it.

In addition, do not stick to one form of cardio workout, I advise that you experiment. There is this misconception that running is the most effective cardio or the only way. If you like it, sure, go ahead. But if you do not, why are you torturing yourself like that? Fitness does not have to be boring or painful. There are a ton of ways to do cardio workout, you cannot tell me that there is nothing out there that you like.

You can: Power walk, ruck, run, swim, bike, dance, stair climbing, hiking, elliptical, row, etc.

Also, ask a friend to join you. It is always more fun to do activities with a friend. You can encourage and keep each other accountable.


Do not use cardio to punish yourself because you ate an extra cookie, cardio is not meant for that. I would like to point out that cardio should be primarily used for heart health, hence the name CARDIO VASCULAR ACTIVITY. Stay active, 150 minutes of your cardio of choice a week, will not only make your heart stronger, but it will also help you burn fat, release endorphins that make you feel happier, release stress, anxiety and will also help you sleep better.

Do not fall in the FAD traps, you are better than that. If you would like more tips or would like to work with me, just email me at alejandrorivasvanga@gmail.com or add me on Instagram @vangaless and DM me.

Until next time, nos vemos!


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