Exercise The 3 Best Ways to Exercise to Calm the Senseless Mind Chatter and Improve Your Concentration & Focus

3 Best Ways to Exercise to Calm the Senseless Mind Chatter and Improve Your Concentration & Focus

3 Best Ways to Exercise to Calm the Senseless Mind Chatter and Improve Your Concentration & Focus

The constant senseless chatter, go go go, do more… do more… do more…

Not being able to focus, not being able to concentrate, not being able to pay attention…

And that’s just the start to a whole lot of unhealthy craziness. 

What else can I say except that nothing feels worse than not being able to shut off the Monkey Mind!

Now I’m not one to accept “labels” and you shouldn’t either.

Therefore I’m not going to label or view this as anything more than senseless chatter going on in our “Monkey Mind”.

It’s worth noting that one has to be careful with “labels” as the mind is so powerful that if you think or speak something you become it.

So the term “Monkey Mind” seems fit as one can view the situation a bit more humorous.

Now that said…

I want to share with you the 3 Best Ways to Exercise to Calm the Senseless Mind Chatter and Improve Your Concentration & Focus.

Keep in mind that me numbering them #1, #2, & #3 is more aimed towards Beginner to Advanced rather than Best to Worst.

1. Any type of Static Exercise will suffice if you are just getting started

Three perfect examples would be a Plank, Hollow Hold & Side Plank Exercise.

Reminder: Don’t forget to breathe.

The additional benefit you get from these exercises is the element of building up your core strength which is key to being more functional in everyday life. Plus who doesn’t want a stronger core?

2. Yoga

This style of exercise if incorporated in the right balance provides many mind-calming meditative benefits along with enhanced flexibility & bodyweight control all wrapped up together in one bundle. This makes Yoga one of the most effective styles of exercise from a wellness standpoint.

Three ideal examples would be Uttanasana Pose, Downward Dog Pose & Cobra Pose.

Reminder: Don’t forget to breathe.

3. More Advanced Balance Exercises such as Levers & Handstands

I’ve yet to find any Exercise better than Levers & Handstands to not only calm the mind but also to drastically enhance focus & concentration. It is difficult to explain really & I believe you should experience what it actually feels like to be upside down. Not to mention the likes of performing Levers & Handstands are very Empowering & Inspiring from a Physical Standpoint.

Three super examples would be Elbow Lever, Single Arm Elbow Lever, Handstand Hold + Single Arm Handstand Hold as a bonus if you get really good.

Reminder: Don’t forget to breathe.

Now to wrap up I would like to say to you that I’m all in favor of leaving the weights & the gym behind for good & mastering your own bodyweight with workouts in nature or at home as your heart desires.

Or maybe not as the heart desires because it might not desire exercise but you get the point.

Not only will you feel a tremendous sense of physical empowerment from mastering your own body weight but also being able to do all the exercises in nature gives us the opportunity to get much needed fresh air in on a consistent basis.

This alone makes bodyweight exercise superior to weight lifting. Plus you also get to save time & money as you can truly do everything & more with Bodyweight Training without ever needing to pay for a Gym Membership or having to wait for equipment or being in a busy gym.

Anyways you get the idea & I would love to teach you this unique style so you can become super fit both physically & mentally in the next 90 days & never stress or worry about your exercise & health again.

With that said I want to thank you for taking the time to read this today & I hope to hear from you soon.

So don’t wait!

Message me right now to learn how you can Get Started Today.

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