Exercise The 10 Most Common Mistakes in the Gym

Some mistakes were made in a gym where there is little individual guidance.

Read the 10 most common mistakes here!

During my work at the gym, I often saw it: people who don’t get the most out of their training because they went wrong somewhere. Below I explain a number of common errors.

1. Constantly looking at your phone

Image result for Constant looking at your phone in the gym picturesPut your phone aside! If you use your mobile while training, you are too distracted. Because of this you probably won’t get everything out of your training. Do you use your phone for music while exercising? Then create a playlist with your workout music in advance. Turn on your music, phone on airplane mode and after exercise, you can proudly share on social media that you have trained hard.

2. Have no Goals

Training without a goal can ensure that you literally walk aimlessly through the gym. High time to make a plan! Set realistic goals for yourself and get started. Do you find it difficult to draw up a suitable training schedule for your goals? Then ask for help in the gym, or maybe online coaching is for you. If you work in a focused way, with a good training schedule in your pocket, you can train much more effectively.

3. Too little or too much rest between sets

The moments of rest between your moments of effort are not for nothing. Too little rest can lead to reduced performance and therefore fewer results. But there are also people who rest too long between sets.

Your rest should receive as much attention as your effort, but it must have the right duration. Depending on your goal, you maintain a rest period.

4. Poor execution of the exercise

Have you just started exercising and do you feel that you are actually doing something? Then there is a chance that you will not perform the exercises correctly.

View my training video’s in your training schedule or ask a trainer in the gym to explain the exercises. He or she will give you advice regarding your posture, muscle tension, the weight you train with and the execution of the exercise. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Good execution is also important to prevent the risk of injury.

5. No warming up or cooling down

Enter the gym and immediately go full during your training; it’s asking for injuries! A good start to your workout starts with a good warm-up. This way your muscles get nice and warm. Also don’t forget your cooling-down, this way your body can recover.

6. Train abdominal muscles to get rid of your tummy

“Which exercises for my belly can I do best to get a six-pack?” I am asked this question quite often and unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. With only abdominal muscle exercises, that washboard will not appear. Do you want a six-pack? You need a low percentage of fat to get those abs visible. This means losing weight or burning more than you get.

7. Don’t train with the right weight

What strikes me in the gym is that women often want tight buttocks, but have the fear of becoming muscular. As a result, they often opt for lightweights to train effectively. You can train well with weights and do not have to be afraid to look like a bodybuilder.

In addition, men often think that they should always take heavy weights and train to the maximum. This, in turn, can lead to incorrect execution, injuries and overtraining.

Depending on your goal, you must train at a certain intensity to achieve optimum results. Do you want to know how you can determine the correct weight?  Ask your trainer at the gym as he can check your form and advice you to increase or to lower your weight.

8. Wrong training buddy

A training buddy can help or motivate you during training. A training buddy can be very important, to point out the wrong execution of an exercise or to motivate you if you can no longer do it or don’t feel like it. Unfortunately, there are often also training buddies who are mostly fun. This means more talk than training. This can be at the expense of your training.

9. Perform cardio incorrectly

There is nothing wrong with a delicious cardio workout, but keep your goal in mind. If you want to train for a marathon or endurance run, endurance training can be good.

Do you want to lose weight as effectively as possible? Then train at a higher intensity. In this way, you burn a lot more calories in a shorter period of time. In addition, do not only do cardio but combine it with muscle-strengthening exercises.

10. No variation

Do you do the same exercises day in, day out? High time for a new training schedule. Not only you get bored with your training, but your muscles also become this too. It is important to occasionally adjust your training to make further progress. Adjust the exercises, do a different amount of repetitions or train at a different weight.

I hope this helps you in reaching your goals!

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