Exercise Strength Training for Women

Strength Training for Women

Hey everyone, I am surprised to still hear the same statements from people in terms of strength training for women given how easy it is to access information these days such as “I don’t want to look like one of those bodybuilders”, “strength training makes women bulky”. These statements are completely outdated and also unfounded. If there was a program out there that increased muscle mass that easy then the developer would be a millionaire!

So I did some research to see what the science is currently saying as the last time I was learning about it was probably 10 years ago and a lot has gone on since then, here are the facts:

Increase the ability to perform everyday tasks

This is an interesting one but also fairly obvious, strength training makes you stronger (shock), which makes things like being on your feet all day, climbing stairs, carrying children, going shopping, working, etc easier and more efficient.

Increased cardiovascular fitness

No, you don’t need to go for a run to stay fit. The stress involved in strength training will regularly push your heart rate up and then with the recovery time built into the sessions each workout takes you through a variety of heart rate zones which gives you a stronger healthier heart and lungs.

Burn more fat

Same as number 2 but additionally having a better quality of muscle (not necessarily more muscle) helps you burn more calories by just being alive so not only are you burning more calories in the sessions than the most exercise you get that benefit every minute of every day.

Decrease the risk of bone disease

Osteoporosis is a lot more common in women, strength training can increase bone density but definitely reduces the rate of decline in bone density.


This is the most important one, lifting weights boosts hormone function, changes body shapes, makes clothes fit better and gives you a huge boost in confidence. Surrounding yourself by like-minded people in a positive environment will help you make a lifestyle change that will benefit you for the rest of your days.

Like everything else, consistency is the key to success. Don’t look for a quick fix! Find a coach, class or gym you like and ideally go 2-3 times per week. If you need a personal trainer then invest in one that helps you feel comfortable but doesn’t allow you to coast.

With a good coach, strength training ticks all your health needs everything should be scale-able to your current standard and ultimately it’s about having fun and being healthy!! If there are any questions then get in touch or leave us a comment, feel free to repost or share.

Thanks for reading.

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